The Chapter is watched over the correctness and reliability of the Ranking preparation, which includes:

prof. Michał Kleiber

former president of the Polish Academy of Sciences, president of the Ranking Board

prof. Marek Safjan

judge of the European Court in Luxembourg,
the honorary chairman of the Ranking Board

prof. Krzysztof Diks

president PKA

prof. Bogusław Smólski

former NCBiR director,
former rector Commander- Military University of Technology WAT

prof. Franciszek Ziejka

former rector of Jagiellonian University in Krakow

prof. Marek Krawczyk

former rector of Medical University of Warsaw

dr Alicja Adamczak

president of the Polish Patent Office

Włodzimierz Kiciński

Curator of Bank BPS SA, former president of Nordea Bank Poland

Waldemar Siwiński

president of Perspektywy Education Foundation,
former president of Polish Press Agency

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