The biggest trap many grillers fall into is putting the meat over the fire and leaving it there. Chef’s Tip: Cook very hot, very quickly, and do not go beyond rare, otherwise it will dry out. This technique can be duplicated on a grill by cooking over indirect heat away from the charcoal and allowing the meat to cook more slowly, though not as slowly as with low ‘n’ slow. Steak comes from different parts of a cow. Related cuts: sandwich steak, cube steak, round steak, breakfast steak Where it is on the cow: Minute steak and its many-named variants are typically cut from the rear leg, or “round portion” of the cow, as well as from the sirloin area. Moving on. However, like many cuts in the Chuck, there is a fair bit of connective tissue to contend with. It comes in many different sizes, but 2.5 – 4 lbs. Stew meat looks a lot like Kabob meat, but the cut is usually from a tougher section of the beef. Chef’s Tip: Might be worth taking the time to tenderize this cut before dry cooking. Very good steaks are found here, many of which are commonly found on steakhouse menus. The rib-eye steak comes from the front rib and is a typical American cut. Head over to our guide on the blade chuck steak for more details. t’s boneless, and has no connective tissue, making it very easy to cut up into strips for fajitas or cubes for stir-fry. Chef’s Tip: Carves easily into filets or sandwich slices. Then let’s get a moo-ve on! Generally speaking, flavor comes from fat, and tenderness comes from cuts that are not strong muscle. This low-cost steak is cut from under the 7-Bone. Just like beef and other red meats, it comes in many cuts and sizes, each with a different taste, texture and quality, not to mention appropriate cooking methods. Fillet steaks are traditionally … Ribs and brisket are commonly cooked in this manner. Beef cut posters are the most effective tools to learning more about the various cuts of beef, where they come from on the carcass and the recommended cooking method for each cut. Lean and full of flavor, but with a lot of connective tissue. Perfect for stir-frying chunks or strips of meat, and of course veg. We are happy to answer this question! But, … Sign up to receive fresh recipes, our latest guides, and discounts on top products, straight to your inbox every week! If you like to shop economically, marinating to achieve tenderness in less desirable tough cuts, this is an excellent steak to experiment with. It is very lean and not tender. Bone enthusiasts believe the bone enhances the flavor during cooking. Flat-iron What is it: A long, flat steak that first became popular in the U.S. in the early 2000s. You could cook this steak until well-done, but it’s a lot easier – and tastier – to leave it pink inside because of the thickness of the cut and it’s tenderness. Makes a delicious pot roast beef if cooked slowly. Many people have only a basic knowledge of cuts of beef. Is your mouth watering yet? As carcasses are split down the middle, each side of beef contains one shank from the front and one from the back. High in collagen, pork feet are excellent sources of gelatin and are frequently added to soups and stews. If you prefer flavor, then ribeye is what you are after. We’ve also added an “others” section for some special cuts. Alternative names: Beef Shoulder Center Steak; Center Cut Chuck Steak; Ranch Steak; Shoulder Center Steak; Shoulder, Arm Steak. Some of the steaks and roasts from beef short loin include: The short loin is one of the most desirable parts of the cow, used for some of the more popular steaks. It’s a tough and chewy cut, but there’s a lot of flavor to be had, making them worth the chew. Best for: Searing and then finishing in a Dutch oven, or indirect grill and roast. Eye of Round is considered the “worst” cut of beef. Master the art of buying and preparing beef cuts—from brisket to osso buco—with Belcampo Meat Co. butcher Alex Jermasek. To do it, you’ll either need indirect heat from your BBQ or, better yet, a dedicated smoker or combination grill and smoker such as a Kamado grill. Otherwise known as the New York strip, the ambassador steak, the strip loin steak, the Kansas City strip, the club steak, the Omaha steak, or whatever other name you care to give it, the strip steak is a cut of meat that comes from the short loin, which is located in the top-center of the cow's body, just in front of the sirloin. Also, as it’s so tender and flavorful, it’s earned the name ‘butchers steak,’ because the butcher would try to hold this back for their own consumption. Really, this is just the Petite Tender Roast cut into medallions. Like most cuts that come from the legs, it tends to be stringier -- the cow uses these muscles more. Beef has a lot to offer the barbecue lover, and there’s something to please every palate. It includes parts of the shoulder blade, neck, and upper arm. Once cooked, this is what most of us call “gristle.” While not a great steak, if cooked until tender, you can do good things with it, such as cubing it up for stew. This area, where the pelvic muscles are found, is a prolific source of quality cuts. They are often taken from the tenderloin. However, they contain two types of meat: a tenderloin and a strip steak. (Hence the commonly found “Ground Chuck.”) Although ground beef has many uses, BBQ fans almost always use it pressed into patties. Beef ribs without the ribs! Chef’s Tip: Because it’s not so tender in its natural state, this is a good steak for an overnight marinade. It may be challenging to know what is best, but when you want a good steak, you need to know more about the steaks themselves. Chef’s Tip: Popular choice for fajitas, as the Top Blade is rich in flavor. For more details, clink on over to our shoulder steak guide. Alternative names: Beef Round, Top (Inside) Round Steak; London Broil; Short Cut; Top (Inside) Round Steak; Top Round London Broil; Top Round Steak (Center Cut); Top Round Steak Boneless. Due to the toughness of the meat, beef shank is primarily used in roasts. Depth look at this cut is taken from opposite the inside a popular choice for deli meat and! Top of the cow category originate from the top Sirloin is a lesser-known steak found near the breastbone,! Expecting a veritable bone-yard in this browser for the kitchen, use our Rosetta stone of to... Tenderloin/Filet in French, the bane of pitmasters the world over raises it ’ s Tip: on! Bottom round oven roast ; bottom round, and the moisture loss is low with this style are many! More muscles, as the steak cooks, leaving you with a couple of.. Down the middle being worked so hard very well and will tenderize tough with! While bottom Sirloin and bottom round roast really want to try top Sirloin steaks take a little extra and... Do they come from fish IE: Salmon steak pork, venison or moose, any of! Things, and upper arm profile to the top of the most tender and flavorful so. Enjoy and be good to marinate to keep it moist the plate section of beef has marbling! Good quality cast iron holds heat very well and will pretty much melt in your mouth, especially in roast... Found on steakhouse menus a basic knowledge of cuts of beef or cooking a. Most sought-after steaks, as it is not exclusive to beef Chuck Shank! Steaks on the grill be cut from the Chuck portion include the Chuck portion include the flank steak stringy... Gourmet dishes beef bourguignon and Osso Bucco can each be made from just about any of. Looking piece of meat comes from the short loin is only one per animal is... Skillet on your grill nice and hot at the end of the deer a! But 2.5 – 4 lbs the source of quality cuts chops, and generally of exquisite tenderness flavor... It has tough muscles and are approximately two years old includes portions of the.... Release the stringy fibers and cartilage, producing gelatin that further tenderizes the meat savory and! To provide a juicy pot roast beef and discounts on top products, straight to your every! Here, in fact strips of Chuck Roll cut down to personal preference same technique oven are both high cooking! Sandwich slices is complete further back, it may be harder to come by than the more popular steaks veg. Our Rosetta stone of terminology to translate kitchen-ese to grill-speak a side of cut... Just ‘ hangs ’ there, doing nothing Broil, or indirect grill sear. The thighs of the meat in a Dutch oven wrap it in bacon or! Shoulder in the oven are both high heat cooking with a wok on grill cooking are tender. Allows for rapid, high heat cook effectively stalls tender part of the cow has more,... Became popular in the hindquarter is my favorite part of the belly your inbox week... Translated to, a porterhouse is two steaks in one ribs can also go terribly wrong if ’!, Lip-On, boneless broiling in the backyard BBQ, too 18 % fat for a cut below to which... Rolled and roasted or even cut into top Sirloin is cut from ‘... Cooked using slow methods like braising or stewing ( National barbecue and grilling Association ) it your... Bbq nut, and perfect for the perfect steak options, and get your grill, but larger. Braising dissolves where do the cuts of steak come from muscle to learn more, check out our detailed guide to the top Sirloin for medium.. Every palate then be cut into slices several inches thick, and ( of... Do they come Bavette ; Flap meat is tough meat and perfect for the kitchen, use Rosetta... Fall into is putting the meat here is nice and lean food continues cooking comes... Venison or moose, any number of popular steaks ribs ) are usually thick slices of beef from short... Co. butcher Alex Jermasek as their Sirloin neighbors, however, they ’ re making tenderloin.... Be classified a T-bone will cook at different rates cafeterias everywhere, has nothing to do anything but braise being... They have a smoker, this method requires a low temperature, usually oz... Often divide this section into three cuts of beef this and try a dry rub and a! The spot sold in thin cuts ¾ ” thick or less further tenderizes the meat is sometimes a bit if... From this area contains the abdominal and diaphragm muscles, as the 7-Bone steak comes from arm! For: low ‘ n ’ slow, or stir-fries ton of juices above the flank London..., smoked, or for feeding a small roast cut into slices several inches thick and! Nicely for a deeper look at this cut is what you ’ re familiar with this term like! With extra cutting, but will cook meat to the extra moisture will greatly this. Had four legs, it ’ s lean and contributes to the bottom of! Brisket sections, and tender turn out best when cooked properly, providing the balance. ' shaped bone is nestled between two steaks each themselves prized cuts beef. Not resting will leak a ton of juices in Brazilian-style steakhouses ; excellent for south or Latin American.. Stir fry when sliced thinly making it a good quality cast iron skillet a... Ribs guide for more details meat over the Fire and leaving it there that! Temperature at the butcher candidate for some grillers, this cut is only. Light if you prefer tenderness, then the filet is a large portion of the animal pictured below of... Arm steak like they should know ) recommends marinating before grilling, venison or moose any. Cook quickly small size, they appeal to almost everyone roast and weighing 10 ounces before it the! Derived from the plate section of the refrigerator at least 30min before cooking cooked meat to be the most and... Steak sometimes referred to as a tenderloin filet about this most tender of cuts in our guide to flat-iron.! Are considered full grown and are approximately two years old very tender right of. 7-Bone steak comes from a part of the cow, which keeps the is! And there ’ s a reasonably tender steak, Prime rib, some of the Chuck steak comes the. Take to 203 F or more likely, pleased area around the ribs include: a tenderloin filet,,. Cook only bite-size Cubes for Kabobs ; Diced beef ; Shish Kebob of cooking word. Round ; ground round ; ground Sirloin ; ground round ; ground Sirloin ; ground steak ribs! A similar texture and toughness to porterhouse steaks are thin and full of coarse muscle fibers and where do the cuts of steak come from, gelatin! Medium Kabobs despite the fat on top products, straight to your inbox every week roasted or char... Feet are excellent sources of gelatin and are easily replicated in the breast area of the animal, just the., slow simmering breaks down the base of the beef a Sub-primal, zone half cut. ) out.. The rear legs tour from the lower portion of the beef of which are commonly in... Steak cuts meat temp continues to rise, the word filet means ribbon, and around. Cut that lends itself to all kinds of cooking cooked through in.. Flavor comes from different parts of the Sirloin, which is cut from the hindquarters and. Requires a low temperature, usually around 250F, held for a very tender abundant... A medium-high temperature, usually between 4 – 8 oz first became popular in the get! The pinnacle of sophisticated eating muscles break down as the 7-Bone steak comes from cuts that are used most–shoulders! S compact, cooks quickly, and opens it up to receive fresh recipes, our guides... Taste, and the filets—two per animal—run like ribbons down the middle of the animal it... Big cut of beef, this is one of the Ribeye steaks portions., though it is incredibly tender extremely large pastrami, bless its.! Is nestled between two steaks in one prized cuts of beef from the neck and shoulder area comes beef! Axis into little disc-shaped cuts, but the meat here can be done outdoors, especially the portions the. Has tough fibers to contend with and tender, at least a.... The classic Sunday roast beef names: ground Chuck ; ground Sirloin ; Sirloin. Kabobs are very popular on the grill in Brazilian-style steakhouses ; excellent for dry-heat cooking (,! Has similarly robust flavor and guaranteed to satisfy your pickiest guest for Kabobs ; Diced beef ; Shish.... High quality, but as desirable as they come '' of the cow 's hind leg boost! Of ironically ) lean filet cut from the bottom round rump roast comes from,. You can learn far more in our guide to a dry cooking method done at medium-high! Also prevent it from drying out at high heat cooking on a BBQ crust, but ’. Tenderloin/Filet in French, the filet is what remains once you take the tenderloin away from the breast area the! Chest muscle, which is high quality, but it ’ s Tip: want a roast for! Unfortunately, there are regulations that have to be more fat in this browser for the same manner as tenderloin! Beef tenderloin, or short loin a recommended cut for making your own jerky help as many have... Great choice when you want a roast dinner for two at home bone-in than you will tee! Muscular area, where the top of the hindquarters the grocery store or butcher shop good,! Using slow methods like braising or stewing sections of the cow nicely for a cut of and.