The Austria Job Seeker Visa is a points-based visa that is the ideal route for professionals looking to build a career in Europe. Welcome to the Federal Government‘s official information website on migration to Austria! The job seeker visa for Germany is a Long-Term Residency Permit, which allows you to stay in the country for six months and look for a job. Austria Points Calculator . The visa is valid for six months, so you must find a suitable job within this period. If at the end of the six months you have found a place of employment, you will be given the Germany work visa or a Germany work permit and you will be allowed to work and live there. Validity of Job Seeker Visa. General guidelines to be followed at the time of submission of Austria Employment visa documents are mentioned on the page. Points are awarded based on your Age, Qualification, Relevant Work Experience, English Language and Studies in Austria. Workers are considered very highly qualified if they reach at least 70 out of 100 points according to a list of criteria (points system).The Red-White-Red Card category “Very Highly Qualified Workers” seeks to attract very highly qualified and experienced top-level personnel, such as scientists and senior-level top-managers. In the following, you can find Austria Employment visa requirements which mainly include the visa documents and eligibility criteria. For the convenience of the passport holder it is now possible to issue such a visa with the validity of 6 months, if a matching travel health insurance or proof for subsequent, valid health insurance upon arrival and start of your employment in Germany is provided. 10. Third-country citizens who are to take up employment in undertakings as key workers due to their qualifications, may apply for a Red-White-Red Card valid for twelve months if they fulfill the following requirements: Job-seeker visas in Austria. If you need a job seeker visa to cover your time in Austria before you’re eligible for your full work permit, this will be charged at €100 and the Red-White-Red card will cost you a further €120. Information about any previous visa refusals Furthermore, she is given 12 points for work experience, 10 points for language skills (English A2) and 20 points for her age. Austrian Job seeker visa allows applicants to enter Austria on a temporary permit and thereby secure a work permit in Austria and the Red White Red Card. After you have received an offer letter from an Austrian employer, you have the option of converting this visa to a Red White Red Card with the validity of 2 years. The Job Seeker Visa for Germany is a long term residence permit that allows you to move to Germany and look for a suitable job for yourself. She can apply for a “Jobseeker Visa” which permits her to enter Austria and gives her 6 months to find a suitable job. She can apply for the Red-White-Red Card if there is a job offer that matches her qualifications. important details of austria job seeker visa are: It gives you the feature of finding a suitable job in Austria as per your working domain. For further visa consultation, you can contact BTW Visa Executives.