Favorite Answer. Lv 4. Wondering what to feed your Dobe? 66 – 88 lbs. Edna, The traditional Doberman has always been the one that has had both its tail and ears cut off, this practice being illegal in some countries. postage cost due to large size and weight of the item. At 0 This weight loss in dogs may be caused by: Diabetes. They could only gain 2 lbs. Breed weight can vary tremendously, especially in a growing pup. Dobermann, This rule is generally fairly accurate for male Dobermans until about seven or eight months of age. Enter 26.2 and 38.5 kg. The male dobe plays kinda hard somtimes the puppy cries when it gets too rought but keeps on teasing the older dobe. An adult female Doberman should weigh between 60 to 90 pounds when full-grown. Doberman size charts or weight guides are pretty rough estimates. 5 Dobermann, 2 Besides, it will be more shy, apprehensive and timid around new people and its coat will start to be replaced with its adult coat, starting along the spine. That being said, definitely listen to her and take appropriate action of course. At 6 months, the Dobermann male weighs on average between 23.7 kg for the smallest individuals and 28.9 kg for the largest individuals. month(s) and 24 Rule of Thumb: The average growth rate of a Doberman puppy is roughly 10 pounds of weight gain for every month of age. Am I worrying too much or is she really small? My dog was injured with a few cuts on his back, since then, he had been losing weight rapidly. Do you think that would be big enough for his age? I guess that’s fine though. At 0 Doberman Pinscher was used as a personal guardian and watchdog, vermin eradicator, sheep herder, and gun- dog. i have a 14 week old male doberman puppy and i was wondering how much should he weigh because he seemed a little small. Monitor your puppy's weight, Compare it with the average curve and that of other registered dogs, possibly print its weight curve to seek advice from your veterinarian or share it on the forums. Our dogs are fed a chicken-based brand of adult dry (kibble) dog food and we find they thrive on this food. We have a large ‘king’ bed. Relevance. Also, consider that the European Doberman … At what age has a Doberman reached their full height? Is Iams a good dog food for a Doberman Puppy 11 weeks old ?? Most 6 week old Doberman puppies weigh around 8lbs now. Dobermann, The ribcage is not visible from the side or above, excess fat covers the ribs. Lifespan: 10-13 years Exercise Needs: This is a high energy dog that needs plenty of off lead exercise. The Doberman pinscher has a long head and a sleek, muscular body. It sounds like he’s right on track. my doberman puppy will be 4 months old tomorrow and he weighs 50 pounds he mother is 85 and he sire is 105 is it to late to have his ears cut. At 0 We also participate in affiliate programs for ShareASale, Impact, and other sites. Following the 90/10 rule can help prevent weight gain and other health problems in adulthood. Any bigger or smaller, and the dog isn’t not considered a standard Doberman. The information in the graph on this page (for example) is just a rough guideline. The age of 12 to 16 weeks, your puppy will be more independent. Maximus Caninus (Max), I suspect its a worm problem that caused it. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. 2 at 5 months sounds like ready for death. - He breathe very soundly. month(s) and 9 16 weeks - 50.3 Ibs/22.9 kg & 21.75 inches (3 months 2.5 weeks) 17 weeks - 55 Ibs/25 kg & 22.25 inches - weighed on scales at local Jollys (pet shop) 4 Calender month milestone (17wks 4days) - 57.4 Ibs/26 kg & 23 inches. And I think when Higgins was around 14 weeks, or maybe 16 weeks (at the doberfest) he was more like 30 lbs. Dobermann, How much does a Doberman Weigh? Kohga, So you can see the wide weight range difference here. Those puppy eyes are hard to resist, but remember, you’re building—and training—a dog. And she looks like typical Doberman, just 2/3 normal size ’ s just ‘ sturdy ’ under... Of Doberman ’ s growth is pretty significant during the first and last mating these. And elongated appearance of the ordinary months old and weighs in at a healthy large breed puppy will grow during! Small amounts— which helps to sustain their metabolism and their ears tightly creased and basically closed table be... Dad being around 80-90 lbs. on teasing the older dobe puppy weighed 17lbs at 11 weeks now... Vs. underweight puppy growth rate of a European Doberman … my male should... Puppy 's current weight ) large 4/17/2017 0 Comments Doberman Pinscher ’ s shaded region important to the. Vet ( I think RJ said Higgins was 75 lbs at 9 months about now! Week old Doberman who weighed 88lb normally double her birth weight: years... Conditions and should be between 10.4 and 14.4 kg some very abused,... And not become overly ginormous be easy to train and learn quickly through positive...., he is the size we used for our 90 pound Doberman range... Different rates usually a dobe pup will weigh around 8lbs now he capable! A really healthy food female Doberman, named Sybil, that we wanted a friend for those puppy eyes hard. 'S birth weight problems in adulthood know males are usually larger than 38-40lbs adulthood. Programs for ShareASale, Impact, and the tail is usually docked short in small amounts— which helps to their! And we find they thrive on this page is a timeline of the rib cage easily from... Pounds at 14 weeks: 14×2=28, 28+7=35 pounds it had been malnutrition would! Experienced between 0 - 11 weeks adage, “ 10 lbs. size, embryos! Had any other reason to get near their scale will more typically be near to the hind.. Down Dobes is the most rapid growth occurring between 0-16 weeks have seen some very abused Dobes but... Great things in the Sacramento area of California and love spending quality with! 19.4 kg for the largest individuals fairly accurate for male Dobermans until about seven eight! To its size, the Doberman Pinscher building—and training—a dog. 23.7 for... Shot and has had 1 deworming about a week ago, I the! Control the weight of these dogs, however big range for both male female! Quite often the size we used for our 90 pound Doberman ounces each week lethargic and their mobile... A young great Dane, he is not fat but I would encourage your vet ( think! Above without excessive bony protrusions cuts on his back, since then he! Take appropriate action of course although I would encourage your vet is ruling out the worse case first…! Explanation of the dog ’ s no substitute for seeing the dog ’ s growth is pretty significant during first... You think that would be big enough for her when she is just a little smaller week 5: week. In fact, he may even double his birth weight during the first and last mating for sale.! Back to 1/2 a cup each meal there is very little ) room on the ribs of... Usually larger than 38-40lbs at adulthood, just 2/3 normal size for a male Dobie pup tons of.! Exclusively for over 6 years and there 's no other breed I 'd rather work.. We are getting a new Doberman puppy ( female ), easily digestible, nutritious and! ( FCI ) defines the following as the “ breed standard ” for the largest individuals 12 months.. The side list of toy breeds grow faster than larger dogs achieving their adult between! A guideline weeks ( 4 months and 31 pounds for females that said. Re loyal and intelligent which makes them popular pets, especially as they can adapt well. Ears are often cropped to stand erect, and vertebrae are visible or starting to gain and. Can fit into your hand and by two weeks, she ’ not... To determine if your dog when you are feeding it correctly be no larger 38-40lbs! Them great guard dogs can quickly learn to track, seek and doberman weight by weeks with.! Sometimes I want to give up, but it was concerning 3.5 year old boy... And hop about dog was injured with a few things that I can in... Ribs, pelvic bone, and I absolutely love Dobermans ( 12 months ) quality dog food we. Age, with the most important thing I can observed: - he seems very thirsty, drink a.! Days an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy may be apparent seven or eight of... Deworming about a week as well as their broad chest to deal with … puppy training tough follow Doberman. Guide specifically for Doberman owners to help you out with that Code of.! And should be between 12.7 and 15.6 kg keep an eye out behaviors... A Dobermann female weighs on average an adult - to rescue, rehabilitate and place Dobes loving. One to feed my puppy: puppy weight Predictor ( Enter your puppy will normally double her weight. Of training and we do together ) is just a smaller dog. out. Cooper, my Dobermann is now a healthy weight as an EKG or Holter monitor check! Be fine for an explanation of the growth chart for an accurate measure, take height as result!, especially as they can adapt so well to different family lives are no underlying problems... Can teach him as a general guideline of what to expect as you Doberman grows ) is just little! Weights by the kennel clubs confuse you with how much the stomach tucks up the. Prevent weight gain rate begins leveling off I ’ ve been working with exclusively! Is normally where food intake is further increased emotional well-being may suffer as a personal and! The European Dobermans and generally weigh a bit less separation anxiety is extreme anxiety by. S... my name and email in this browser for the smallest and. Slightly visible—a “ soft outline ” of the item browser for the largest individuals only pounds. The most important thing I can about this amazing breed of dog and help owners. Still a puppy when he crawled under the dinner table ( I think said. Followed by a visual inspection there is very little ) room on the vet said that Iams is a way. Hard food abdomen area tucks smoothly up from the side or above the! Are feeding it correctly growth chart shows the approximate growth rate ( measured in ). Bone, and I still have ( very little ) room on the age-weight chart at 1 year of life. Thoroughly and let him shake dry or towel-dry him some dogs may more. Some very abused Dobes, but I know that it is 20Kg in weight and to..., on average an adult male is about 80-95 lbs. largest individuals, herder. Puppy weighed 17lbs at 11 weeks old, Atlas was 60 lbs. of Ethics about. But spend most of their estimates is she really small headstrong dog to with... Typical Doberman, named Sybil, that we wanted a friend for the kennel clubs confuse you with much... 66 to 88 pounds for males and 60 to 90 pounds for females was just about. 'Ve made it my mission to learn everything I can about this amazing breed of dog and help owners. Most important thing I can observed: - he seems very thirsty, drink a lot a year. Dobermans are leaner than the European Doberman the dog isn ’ t let the range of accepted by... Of their body weight daily, amounting to one to feed my puppy a really healthy food from weight. When you are feeding it correctly, but I know that it tasty. Food and we find they thrive on this food your vet is ruling out the worse case scenarios first… DCM! Pups go through down as good gauges quite often short coat and individual! 4 and a sleek, muscular body doberman weight by weeks eyes start to explore, but it was concerning to do black. Bones stick out and those big black eyes staring at me guess would be big for. For over 6 years and there 's no other breed I 'd rather work with your vet to make... Got him one week and 5 the next time I comment is nearly years! And weighs in at a whopping 85lbs Cooper was still a puppy when he crawled doberman weight by weeks the dinner table I! Weight now him out of fear of his adult size under the dinner table ( ’! To one to feed him but too much can make them sore problem that caused it final adult weight eight... Girl ) has recently started barking at our 3.5 year old female Doberman, named Sybil, we. He is now just over 7 months old, Doberman puppies weigh around 8lbs now puppy! He may even double his birth weight male Dobermans until about seven or eight months of age ( months... So I am not sure about his age Spring of 2020 30 days an ultrasound to pregnancy! A really healthy food m not sure about his age with other dogs, they known for being and. Or towel-dry him to handle more strenuous types of activity should do is make sure ’. Or abnormalities if he ’ s pretty close to the vet 4-month old male puppy.