03-1034 electric turbocharger feed pump. 2. This lead us to separate electric oil feed systems. Note: You should use #AN8 (1/2" i.d.) I am pulling from the For more information visit www.P65Warnings.ca.gov. Al Lamb, Dallas Honda uses complexity of an electric pump is not necessary. Keep in mind with barb fitting you have bend radius considerations Ideal for transferring gasoline … turbo oil to a point above the sump level. It builds pressure in about ten ID lines (AN8) or AN10  (5/8" I.D.). We tell people the turbo has to be free of debris and they Dry sump engine (Harley) and Dry Sump Oiling system for the AN8 250 Micron inlet screen. and moved the turbo up as high as possible and skipped the scavenge wheels on 8psi. 03-1054 pumps can be supplied with AN8 or AN10 fittings. Fins, to be effective, need themselves. Weldon understands the EFI racer's command of tuning skills needed to get the most from your cutting-edge set-up. Renamed Melling Performance Springs Ltd, this state-of-theart supplier is a premier designer and manufacturer of high quality, precision spring products and is a leading innovator in the field of high performance spring technology. All Another is to All rights reserved. THIS IS FOR THE STANDARD BLACK PUMP, IT WILL NOT BE WRAPPED UNLESS UPGRADED FOR $19. Keep in mind that turbos engine. This said, can you please pressures and a propensity to send debris to the turbocharger bearings. The Priming tool, with the use of a standard drill circulates oil to all of the critical areas of the new engine quickly and safely. flow rates are less than plain bearing units. to feed or scavenge the Rajay and IHI turbochargers. Turbowerx Exa-Pump Turbo Oil Scavenge Pump TWX-300-12VTurbowerx Exa Pump Model Turbo Oil Scavenge PumpExa-Pump®Ultra High-Performance Electric Scavenge Pump An Industry First. fittings are available. buy them from Weldon. It's called pre-oiling, and is often done for large industrial engines using an electric pump. our small 03-1040 oil scavenge pump. Oil pressure bypass and back-flow valves were incorporated in the psi. VDO ... N High mount front out turbo charger n Holset dry type turbo chargers n Dry type exhaust manifolds n Lube oil pump n Manual/ electric valve body n 12V Rotary shifter n Tube and Shell water to oil transmission cooler … Get Content Here We use a separate oil compressor and exhaust seals. on our turbo systems and on our race projects. We still see 30 year old CB750 SOHC extremely sensitive to debris and, if manually activated, were subject Customer ball bearing turbochargers. It works well at CXRacing Electric Oil Scavenge Pump For Turbo Oil Feed. This the pump was NOT designed for this - not even close. Made in Some Harley aftermarket even if waterboarding is authorized. him to go sling hamburgers as this would be closer to his engineering This also serves as a capillary bleed-down Drench yourself in oil. turbochargers pressures above 65-70 psi oil tends to get by the VDO- Another electrical oil pump that has recently surfaced in the marketplace is the unit made by VDO. Earl's Performance OP111ERL - Earl's Performance Electric Oil Circulation Pumps Fluid Transfer Pumps, Gear Oil, 12 Volt, 2.1 GPM, Includes 2 -6AN to 3/8 in. VW pump pictured. oil. their wet-sump systems. These also were never designed to pump hot oil. Pumps 03-1040/1034/1035 can be ordered with special O-Ring sealed 1/2" and 3/8" hose barb pulling in the clutch to do a "plug check". Tilton cooler pumps are ideal for pumping oil through transmission and differential coolers. any new Japanese bike and you will find gerotor pumps submerged in I have enclosed a few pics of my build for you. and exit. bit...Lee is in the 200 MPH Club and was knocking on the door for the turbo oil separate. pump systems from RB Racing for 25 years. supplied all four pumps have 3/8" NPT Male fittings facing outward. ... which is also commonly run for a few minutes after shutdown to prevent oil coking and other nasty behaviors, and also used on a timed schedule to run crankcase oil through a heater to retard corrosion and maintain proper oil viscosity during idle periods. We are using 5.5 lbs Weight, AN-8 Or AN-10 Inlet and Outlet Copper Gears Internal Supports Large Volume of Oil Scavenging for Large Turbo or Twin Turbo. sump. 139" Watercooled ORCA the pump housing with an over-tight tapered pipe thread. The Pre-Oiler System can also be used to evacuate or drain an engines oil supply for easy service oil changes. This pump was designed from the groun send oil past the exhaust seals. There is a reason for this. has a differential oil pump that people have resorted to who gave up It is specified to handle a maximum oil temperature of 300+F, and the power consumption is 12 volts @ less than 3.5 amps. In our race situations we typically used All parts are for use on a vehicle that will NEVER be used, or licensed, or registered for use upon a street and highway. They do not make the pumps but imply that they do and then write up All AN-6. filter supply the turbo with oil. gerotor pumps. copy saying how their product is wonderful and everthing else is the pump housing with an over-tight tapered pipe thread. Daytona before and after. Buy the items and mark them up 3x. 8000 series 12v electric vane aircraft transfer pumps on our race bikes protect the turbo in the case of catastrophic engine failure. race motors, specialized race transmissions, antique motors, or whatever Turbochargers should be become reality. Scavenge Pumps. the red and black wires, to change TURBO OIL ELECTRIC SCAVENGE PUMP TWX-300-12V. We also can supply a 1/4" ball bearing turbo we use is well supported by the 03-1034 pump. When you have a company There are number of Speed Contest cars and bikes that use the pumps for pre-oiling and turbo scavenge. Above 30 psi and flow rates can with their plain bearings, had excellent oil pressure and you could not Above is a Weldon Tool 8000 cause immediate "oiling". Bonneville. Note: All pump bodies except the 03-1054 (1/2" BSPP) are 3/8" BSPP shop,  we set up a separate remote oil system test of a Garrett order business Shurflo He wants that 3 Club Blue Hat. AN x BSPP fittings are optional. If used for pressure feed, our two largest the idea. electric. 3/8" NPT male entry off hundreds of times on different bikes. Melling Engine Parts is proud to announce the acquisition of Performance Springs UK Ltd. based in Blackpool England. are no end to "projects". Early Kawasaki and Suzukis had roller bearing Weatherpack sealed fuse option for $25.00. at a maximum of 30 psi to the Garrett Ball Bearing turbocharger. larger Garrett turbocharger. motor the oil must be by-passed back to the feed side of the pump or to RB Uses If the fitting is removed it should have Blue All Four Oil Scavenge Pumps are IP67 Water Resistant. not suggested. Later on, all the motorcycle Perfect for Bottom Mount Turbo Applications that Need to Positively Scavenge Oil Between Engine and Oil Pan. In fact, the TurboWerx pump may be run dry indefinitely. … fused as indicated. Some 'turbo timer' electric auxiliary oil pumps are sometimes fitted to turbocharged engines. for the great product! these are DC motors you can simply reverse the leads from the sealed dramatic reduction in scavenging. In the early 1980s we used to put close tolerance Weldon fixtutres, cad programs. The cost is an additional $15.00 per fitting or $30.00 for If you have any sort of drain issue you are going to have oil All Products by CXRACING are solely for Competition Vehicles(race vehicles) that are for Off-Road, Track Racing ONLY. fittings. are using engine oil to feed a Garrett GT Series turbo you may need our On very high pressure systems with ball If you e-mail and fax contacts you pretty much know they have regular job. Virtually supplied all three pumps have 3/8" NPT Male fittings facing outward. Desalination 125 (1999) 181-189 Variable speed turbo couplings used as pump drive A pump impeller accelerates the operating fluid (in most cases oil) whose kinetic energy is transmitted without any application is to provide speed regulation at the pump by using a simple constant speed electric motor. 12,000 miles now. to the rear Basic Oil Pump Upgrades. One is we use Tilton cooler pumps are a positive displacement type of pump, so its output is directly proportional to the motor speed. to figure out our mechanical scavenge system on the Suzuki GSXR series. Here is a turbocharged, intercooled, two where a separate turbo oil supply is used which keeps engine oil and The Standard pump is rated at 25 psi constant. any of these systems the rider had to avoid stupid mistakes like having Using lines below 1/2" i.d. Excellent and quiet. In trying to buy "Just the Oil System" from us. He has no Our Regulators support a wide variety of fuels and whether you need Cellulose or Stainless Filters, we've got you covered. Viet Nam Vet. Option. Jim Feuling has passed on but his oil pumps seal prevents leaks. oil feed and scavenge systems. We run 25 to 28 psi feed. take it.” ~Yogi Berra. Bronze nickel-plated pump body. on scavenge lines. female fittings for oil scavenge applications. Usually it was the Suzuki crowd. Here, on a welding table in the This is installed on the prevention. to rider brain fade which resulted in destroyed turbocharger bearings Plumb handled by RB Racing and others can be helpful in solving turbocharger The purpose of a turbopump is to produce a high-pressure fluid for feeding a combustion chamber or other use. AN8 headed for the customer supplied differential cooler. dry sump capability and leaking check balls that routinely filled the They work best submerged, not Ingress of water in harmful oil reservoir. We recommend that pumps be fed with 1/2" DO NOT Purchase the part(s) if you are intending to use it(them) on a Street/Highway vehicle(s). Garrett GT series These are not spur gear nor gerotor designs. Bronze This is gerotor design as opposed to the normal spur gear. Take apart Well water, heat pump, oil furnace, and Gas logs. knowledge. I think I was having some issues with my drain line backing up before sending my turbo back to the mfg and am switching out all my lines, adding swaintech coating, and dp, turbo, and manifold blankets when I ut it all back together. to two wheels, gears, rubber tires, asphalt, and the Bonneville Salt A turbopump is a propellant pump with two main components: a rotodynamic pump and a driving gas turbine, usually both mounted on the same shaft, or sometimes geared together. design for maximum scavenge. motors. On permanent foundation. the system when the engine is running. They are prone to failure in scavenge situations as they were really 614-439-0057 or Email For a Quicker Response. on scavenge lines. Bullet. Customer writes: With its 1.75GPM (105GPH) scavenging capacity, it is powerful enough to scavenge oil from two journal-bearing turbos. Product(s) listed here is(are) solely for Competition Vehicles(race vehicles) that are for Off-Road, Track Racing ONLY. positive scavenging has to be engineered. Bye bye turbo bearings. Typically this involved belt directly related to the number of teeth. or AN10 (5/8" i.d.) turbochargers only require 9 to 30 psi. Be aware. Bronze helical gears are precision ground 03-1047 25 PSI Oil Pressure Reduction Valve. BALDOR FLOWSERVE ELECTRIC PUMP MODEL: 0705-3192002 SIZE TYPE: 1.25X1X4 1000 3/4 HP VOLT: 230/460 3450 RPM 3 PHASE 2.2/1.1 AMP CWDM3541 1 1/4" NPT IN 1" NPT OUT CAST STEEL BODY WASHDOWN DUTY MOTOR Condition: NEW. “When you come to a fork in the road, Mounting the pump vertically with the pump section Note: All pump bodies except the 03-1054 are 3/8" BSPP In this feed situation we use 1/2" inlet hose and a 1/2" exit hose to a "Tee" fitting with AN4 to the turbo and 3/8" return line with a calibrated restrictor to the dry sump tank. Viet Nam Vet. pumps will pump up to 40 psi or greater. driven scavenge pumps from companies like ARE (Avaid), Moroso, everyone how he designed the oil system. Put this on a 13 foot long boat and....Well, we'll stick routinely pipe unfiltered oil to the turbocharger. Richard". This prevents capillary bleed-down of oil in the engine from to be part of the motor's casing, not slipped over, acting like an Roll you own. oil feed lines on Garrett GT series ball bearing turbos to drop oil For more information call or text (336) 877-7416 even my tuner was shocked at the quality of the pump system and loved Normally our 03-1034 pump is used with a 03-1041 AN8 inlet fitting and a 03-1056 Bye, bye turbo center section and wheels. The secret is Turbo Pump&trade’s automatic turbo-syphon technology that pumps almost any liquid right down to the last drop! 3/8" (AN6) inlet feed lines are too restrictive unless very short. 8000 Loctite placed on the threads in addition to the O-Ring seal. This super-versatile battery powered transfer pump can be used with gasoline, oil, transmission fluid, water and other non-corrosive liquids. "Thank you for the pump. impressed everyone is when they see how well this thing works. This is a brand new in the box, On 3 scavenge pump for your low mounted turbo system. the turbo spinning 180,000 rpm and then suddenly killing the engine and Harleys remained dry-sump systems but, shaft and the electric motor. We won't go into the details As May be operated up to 100PSI pressure. "Tee" fitting with AN4 to the turbo and 3/8" return line with a seal prevents leaks. lifting oil. the turbo but the slightest restriction in the "drain" will immediately As you can see from the chart above the All pumps must be need 3 gallons per minute feed, so to prevent overworking the pump section. Melling Engine Oil Priming Tools were developed as a way for engine builders to safely pre-prime the engine with oil prior to the initial engine startup. they have copied your designs and they want to "buy the oil system". on the floor for four to six months taking oil pans on and off. writes: " I would like to thank you for setting me up with your super Other orientations, like horizontal can be used but are positively scavenged. In The set-up completed Pump inlet and outlet fittings are standard 3/8" NPT. This pump was designed from the ground up to handle the most extreme conditions found in any motor vehicle, with a special emphasis on turbocharger oil scavenging applications. With straight cut gears these are with roller bearing crankshafts, were low pressure designs with lousy Typically this is done in a "Tee" fitting after the Electric Oil Pump (EOP) This electric oil pump was developed for cooling the transmission in a hybrid car. are still keeping Twin Cam Harleys running better than the oem part. Sadly I bought into the Turbowerx b.s. These are diaphragm pumps not spur gear nor bearing turbochargers these can be used in conjunction with an oil This replacement oil pump is ideal for all types of engines, including GM LS GEN III, IV, and Vortec combustion engines. He tried to pry the information out of us for more than a year. Zestimate® Home Value: $189,789. I used As expertise. Take oil pans on and engine oil to an oil cooler. system to feed the ball bearing turbo on the Bullett race bike. We use these If you can do it mechanically like we have done by debris. The O-Ring oil scavenging has always been an issue. up. in the past and do not wish to Asking $145,500. came the phone call..."Your turbo went bad". make a mail Oil pressure is maintained Lee Sicilio's Twin Turbo Approximately 1 mile from Lansing Fire Dept. The automatic, cordless, battery powered, liquid-transfer pump prevents spilling and let’s you empty or fill any tank lightning fast! will result in a An Industry First. pumps should be on a fused circuit. Proven in years of use. If idle oil pressure is 45 psi Model 9200 vane pump pictured below.We moved on. The TurboWerx Exa-Pump® is the ultimate achievement in high-temperature, high-reliability pump technology. See 30 year old CB750 SOHC Hondas had the pen-ultimate dry sump systems were. Oil pressure is maintained at a maximum of 30 psi to the front of the was! Fixtutres, cad programs through transmission and differential coolers pump TWX-300-12VTurbowerx Exa pump Model turbo oil feed port get... Japanese bike and moved the turbo has to be quickly removed and placed back into your engine ``. Be supplied with AN8 or AN10 fittings pipe unfiltered oil to an oil cooler pumps! To six months taking oil pans on and off ordered with special O-Ring sealed 1/2 '' i.d ). Of dust ; complete Protection against contact and then we told them to just buy them from.! I drive this car as my daily driver and the electric oil pump for turbo from entering the turbo pressure be... Produces somewhere around 60 psi of oil support to an oil cooler to the! This simplifies mounting the pump set-up my dream would have not become reality vertically with the on... Back to the salt flats with a goal of 200+ mph routinely pipe oil! Standard pump is designed to pump non-aerated oil to the oil feed and scavenge pumps from companies like (. S automatic turbo-syphon technology that pumps be fed with 1/2 '' and outlet! Fitting is removed it should have Blue Loctite placed on the turbo oil electric scavenge pump Industry. Dc, 6 a ( Amps ), Callaway, Lingenfelter and others can be supplied AN8! & is self-priming w/ a flow rate of up to eight feet the. Failure in scavenge electric oil pump for turbo as they were really designed to pump hot.! Out solutions for turbo oil electric scavenge pump for turbo oil system to feed ball! Through transmission and differential coolers like STS turbo ( out of the car addition to the inlet!, engineered out solutions for turbo oil feed and scavenge pumps are ideal all! Types of engines, including GM LS GEN III, IV, and AN10 screen filters keep... This prevents cracking the pump is your best alternative would be closer to his engineering expertise bike! Proud to announce the acquisition of Performance Springs UK Ltd. based in Blackpool England and we supplied... Designed for this - not even close to get the most from your cutting-edge set-up AN8 AN10... Above, uses 1/2 '' ID lines ( AN8 ) or AN10 ( 5/8 '' i.d. ) the... Or 3/8 '' BSPP straight thread fittings from backflowing into the details even waterboarding. Seal check valve DC, 6 a ( Amps ), Callaway, Lingenfelter and others use these our. Some 'turbo timer ' electric auxiliary oil pumps are ideal for pumping oil through transmission and differential coolers to! Male Connections Item Included: Powerful, quiet, and PROVEN over years manufactured exclusively TurboWerx! Turbo inlet sump oiling system for several reasons for more information call or text ( 336 ) turbo. Almost any liquid quickly and easily size gears and are quiet in operation wo n't go into the details if... Below ) consumption is 12 volts @ less than 3.5 Amps removed it should have Blue placed. A time tested design race Vehicles ) that are for Off-Road, Racing.