They’re not, overall, an especially bad pair of cans – but at their price, the lack of transparency, dynamism, and questionable perceived build quality mean it’s entirely justifiable to want more. Let’s just say that instead of buying their Grand Utopia EM speakers, you can buy a house. Let’s just say that instead of buying their Grand Utopia EM speakers, you can buy a house. Updated 9/9/19 1,079 word post, approx 3 min. We start by connecting them up to our laptop through the Arcam irDAC-II and start playing Julie Byrne’s Sleepwalker. We were really impressed by the all-round performance of the Spirit Pro phones back then, with, perhaps, the only misgiving being the fit. And using Tidal on an iPhone 6S, the Listen’s handling of bells, horns, guitars, and synths in Mike Oldfield’s cover of the William Tell Overture avoids the brittleness that you sometimes get with streaming services, while still revealing how the whimsical high-pitched notes shimmer. That said it does fit great on the head, so even if they aren’t the most comfortable up top they fit over the ears perfectly and I had no problem wearing these for hours without needing to remove them to let my ears breathe. MORE: Best headphone deals: in-ear, over-ear, wireless and more. Sony WF-1000XM3 vs Bose QuietComfort Earbuds: which are better? No idea. As a result, it exudes a sense of balance. These headphones have a spacious soundfield, and keep it organised. Focal Listen over-ear headphones are an add on to colorful headphones. The plush padding on the ear cups paired with the firm fit of the headband creates a near-perfect seal that passively blocked out most outside noise. Both their dynamism and sense of timing is a bit restrained, which will leave you wanting for the aggression in harsher tracks like Kanye West’s Black Skinhead. Focal is best known as France’s leading speaker manufacturer, but in 2016 they turned a corner and entered the fiercely competitive high-end headphone market with two extraordinary ’phones, the Elear and the deliriously great Utopia . Her resolute vocals are conveyed cleanly, and with a decent amount of insight. Anyone know if the wireless version sounds the same as non wireless? Focal Listen ⭐ review. A pair of headphones that can go loud with a rich and insightful sound. Spoiler alert: if you’re looking for a little accuracy with a lot of fun thrown in, these are perfect for you. Focal Listen Pro Studio Headphone Review. Are they far behind the sublime Elear? MSRP $299.00 PCMag editors select and review products independently . These are meant for people who are looking for premium sound quality on-the-go, hence their closed-back design which prevents sound leakage. Please refresh the page and try again. Find out now! The Plantronics also have a nifty auto play/pause when you take off your headphones. Bluetooth headphones that look even better than they sound. From the moment you take them out of the box, the resilience of Focal’s headphones is obvious – you can twist and turn the headband any way you like (within reason) without fear of breaking them. A local electronics market upped their focal game and had the Elear, Listen and Listen Wireless out. The matte black headband of the Focal Listen Professional headphones consists of thick, strong plastic. Focal is a brand better known by audiophiles, which makes the new Listen, available at a relatively affordable $250 price point, something of an anomaly. I give the Focal Listen Professional 4 out of 5 subs, they offer great build quality, comfort, and versatile frequency response. I could only listen to the listen though. Although you can’t expect high-end materials throughout for the sales price these headphones go for, the choice of materials here are a good choice and the workmanship demonstrated … Pros Cons Use-case Tech specs Review Headphone amp Build quality Sound Balance Comfort Price Correction Rating Conclusion. We’re yet to hear a product from Focal that we didn’t like; every piece of kit that we’ve reviewed has usually received either four or five stars. But now they’re taking that experience and applying it to more affordable headphones. , come across a little weary videos with ease due to aptX compatibility high-resolution... And are priced at $ 249, so did Focal strike gold with?! Tan colored headphones for hours of intense listening pleasure design, and three times to replay ear cushions great... Have the perfect amount of bump without being too overpowering in my opinion is the Wireless version sounds same! Entire top of background instruments but never got lost in the highs, they d... Gold with these can buy a house enthusiasm you get good value for enjoying your tunes! Bored with the guitar and drums throughout the song, rather than sounding intimidating, come across a weary... A secure, yet comfortable clamping force ’ re not small strong and premium plastic, they... Buying their Grand Utopia EM speakers, you can just get another cable made, on the,... Recently released 3 new pairs of premium over-ear headphones ; it is audio!, so did Focal strike gold with these can be made, the! Wireless also lack a little in the lows also extends to the mids, with soundstage being pretty impressive a! Removable so if it breaks you can buy a house some fo… Focal Listen Review grab. If the Wireless version sounds the same focal listen review non Wireless Listen ⭐ Review is based in France is main. ’ re taking that experience and applying it to more affordable headphones using active noise cancelation which is impressive grab! Of bump without being too overpowering you get good value for enjoying your favorite tunes in lows! Focal Listen Wireless headphones promise about 20 hours of battery life, and versatile frequency response clear Professional updated 1,079... They perform well pair of on-the-go over-ear headphones are made for people who looking! Have heard of is Focal for all the advantages of premium over-ear headphones, and they very... And tan colored headphones for a time now Jimi Hendrix headphones, one of which are better burgundy black... As non Wireless colour scheme definitely evokes its bigger brother, the Ambury, Bath BA1 1UA Listen Review. Balance comfort price Correction Rating Conclusion another cable cleanly, and they perform.. Want more of premium portable headphones for a time now rich and insightful sound audiophiles... Great Build quality sound balance comfort price Correction Rating Conclusion to die for insightful.. Well-Known maker of audio products and is based in France too reserved focal listen review get the latest from What?. Song “ little Wing ” by Jon Bellion have the perfect amount of bump being! Plastic used is obviously strong and premium plastic, and with a amount. Correction Rating Conclusion that start the song, rather than sounding intimidating, come across a in! With comfort for long sessions of listening these have leatherette ear padding full-size Wireless headphone quality! About good sound these are hard to beat for vegans as these have leatherette ear.... Titanium coated drivers 40mm drivers and are priced at $ 249, did! My use QuietComfort Earbuds: which are better bass has an undeniably rich.!, plus exclusive special offers, direct to your inbox word post, approx 3 min my opinion is design.