As a healthcare provider myself (people; not animals), I would say: ask a trusted vet. I use dewormer on my puppies each time our bitch has a litter. Until a few days ago, I gave my 2 yr old Doberman a bath with this product and everything seemed fine. Very true. Readers like you put their trust in Pawster every day, here’s why: is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Mine, too. I have used it twice now and neither one of my dogs nor our cat has ever had a problem with it. I grabbed her and took her inside the bathtub to rinse her off. Your email address will not be published. please god i am begging you please dont let her die please. So my dog a Jack Russell Terrier Chihuahua mix had to be put down on June 20, 2020 because she had uncontrollable back to back seizures for days. Having suffered the effects of toxic chemicals, you won’t know until it’s too late, or you won’t notice at all. Frontline Plus Topspot- This product is applied once monthly and is extremely safe for your pet. I used Hartz Sergeants flea meds on our 9 cats and two large dogs (over 100 lbs.) That being said, it’s not enough to make up the difference, and we’re choosing Frontline. I stopped using Hartz brand because it’s not effective. Frontline and Advantage are very similar products and offer a fair amount of protection for both dogs and cats. We gave it to my childhood cat, little cloud, and he became lethargic and stopped eating. I am sorry if people have lost pets, but blaming it on Hartz without proof is similar to the anti-vaxxers claims that vaccines killed/made autistic/fill in the blank their child. How much do you think they are caring about pets dying especially when they are making so much money off the product?” Bunch of crap. It seems as if there was pending lawsuit did you would be able to find information about that filing. Why are u attacking someone for trying to warn people.I know teachers that misspell while typing.shes a vet not a dictionary.i just wish i had been warned.i went 2days thinkin my dog had the flu.There is plenty of proof.they have done bloodwork on many of the affected animals and vets do warn not to use they said,its hit and miss.i bathed 2 beagles .nothing happened to one but the other almost died.shaking lathargic wouldnt eat or walk and ran fever for 2days.i also have used hartz on my pets for a lifetime.i still cant believe this is happening & without consequence. I took her to the vet, sure enough the toxins from the shampoo..Hatrz needs to be removed from the market, lawsuit need to happen…sHe may not recover from this and a once happy joyful Maltease is now having seizures and spasms….shame on them. Frontline has been thoroughly tested to ensure it provides nothing but superior protection for your pet, and in the end, your pet’s wellness is what truly matters. Simply remove their collar, part their fur and administer the treatment. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. It could very well build up in your dogs system and lead to cancer. It NEVER harmed or caused my cats any issues with their health at all. , i used half a tube of hartz ultra gaurd flea drops on my 1 yr. old chihuhua today at 330 and when i got home from work i noticed she was being really strange. Level of Protection – Advantage only protects from fleas, whereas Frontline prevents fleas, ticks, lice, and sarcoptic mange. Took him to emergency vet hospital. Stores want as much money as they can, so they don’t care if a product is harmful. Go to awesomeness ranking Go to consumer score ranking. Recently 10-11-19 I decided to buy her an anti dandruff shampoo since she had a little dandruff I came across the Hartz anti dandruff shampoo and bought it $1.98 @ Walmart and thought uuuhhh this should do it I was skeptical because of the brand but thought well it’s not poison for fleas or anything it should be fine . Flea and tick treatments are only effective when applied monthly. The Advantage waterproof formula is applied topically to the skin between your pets’ shoulder blades and is safe for use on puppies as young as 7 weeks. My other dog, an Australian shepherd/Golden Retriever mix is a bigger dog weighing 45lbs. My cat is starting to experience hot, red and slightly blistering skin but I washed the product off about an hour after application and have not seen anymore visible signs of distress but I do not want to miss anything. Don’t have one. Unfortunately some just do not have the same choices and or knowledge in front of them all of the time; like you apparently do. my cat had seizures from cutters which is basically the same thing as a costed me $450 to keep her alive! If you already did this.. try some arnica cream from.walgreens for pain. I’ve tried using a different brand, an ORGANIC plant based Waterless Flea and Tick Shampoo from Vet’s Best and this stuff is a total waste of your money. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Hartz UltraGuard Pro Topical Flea & Tick Prevention for Cats and Kittens - 3 Monthly Treatments at Required fields are marked *. My daughters dog went into hard seizures after having SENTRY FLEA product put on her. Don’t care what Happens to our poor fur baby’s…… Poor baby’s! sorry but I used hartz dewormer on my cat and he immediately started having seizures and was left with neurological problems. Yes it costs a bit more but is your animal worth it? Frontline Plus for Cats Review – My Honest Opinion (2020) Once a furball is invited into your home, the issue of fleas and ticks is bound to present itself. I would never recommend someone try diagnose worms. It says on the back of their products that you should use caution when using their products on domestic animals. He’s very interactive. Compared to the Seresto, the Hartz Ultraguard is a steal. Throwing up, diarrhea. Hartz UltraGuard Onespot Flea & Tick Drops for Cats - 3 Monthly Treatments 3.5 out of 5 stars 302. Ticks latch on to your pets by burrowing their head beneath its skin and lodging in place. Key Differences Between Advantage and Frontline, Advantage and Frontline Active Ingredients Comparison, Bravecto vs. Comfortis : 2021 Comparison and Key Differences, NexGard vs. Frontline: Our 2021 In-Depth Comparison. There is a difference in a pet owner and a pet lover. If they haven’t had a bad reaction yet, I doubt they are going to. He was so messed up neurologically was disgusting. Any reputable vet will tell you NEVER use Hartz. If you have any signs of adverse effects (which seems to always occur with EVERY Hartz products) discontinue use IMMEDIATELY. I actually spoke with my veterinarian about using their products on my animals . Many people argue that they have used it without problem. We also had a person spray some “organic: safe for pets” in our home, it KILLED two of our cats, 1 was just going on her 2nd birthday, the other was almost 3 years old. Oh, and FYI- I too used Hartz in the past without any issues at all. I don’t care what your excuse is. Always see your vet first, or get professional advice. When we picked her up her limbs would retract and fold, she couldn’t stretch out. For multi-pet homes, we recommended administering flea and tick treatments to each animal of the home to ensure against re-infestation. . The same active ingredient (permethrin) that makes this collar effective may be responsible for illnesses in some felines; monitor cats for allergic reactions after fitting them with a new collar. If you’re not a hundred percent sure that you can trust what you see on the internet then go to the source. Is everyone missing the point here? My son and daughter-in-law used this product on their cats and one of them died today 1/3/2020. Fleas are a pet owners’ worst nightmare. My mom and I picked up the Hartz 2 in 1 flea collar for cats because we know that Hartz has been around for a long time and had no reason to doubt its safety or efficacy. AVOID AVOID AVOID. He is flea free & safe. In the end, if you were to lazy to take them to the vet because it was cheaper then that’s on you not Hartz, if you don’t know what is what with worms then don’t try to play vet. Im in the vet school as well, and learning about this. His dog was apparently gonna die anyways. Like any of the products listed, there are mixed results. I haven’t met a single DVM that recommends Hartz, so.. Stores keep selling their stuff cause of $$$$. After bathing her about 1 hr later the symptoms started she was crying out in pain she couldn’t walk omg it was the god dam shampoo !!! My dog was sick the next day and would not eat all day. He practically a watch dog in our house as he guards the house and when someone ring the doorbell he runs to the front door window. Hartz UltraGuard Collar For Dogs. I have used the shampoo on my dogs before and nothing ever happened. The price for their product is totally outrageous, especially for folks like me that are Seniors and have limited income levels. Trust your gut feeling my little dog had the same reaction and now I cannot use any treatment at all. The parasitic pest is nearly microscopic, easy to contract and can spread from pet, to surface, to human in no time at all. Hartz have many lawsuits against them, and they do need to be shut down. She had a seizure unfortunately, poor Nina. Ten minutes later I developed a rash and broke out in hives. If not you may as well just not own animals because yes they can get expensive and if a person isn’t prepared for that they shouldn’t own one to begin with. 0 deaths of my animals. and even, unfortunately, death. Get yourself some Advantage or Frontline. Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick is HORRIFIC STUFF!!! The short answer is, yes. FRONTLINE Plus for Cats is a fast and effective flea and tick treatment that also kills eggs, larvae and chewing lice. For budget focused, indoor pet owners Advantage flea treatment is a great choice to provide extended protection from flea infestation. *Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc., or its affiliates. They may have done a lot more in the back then you know. Since humans have insurance, you dont notice the unbelievably high fees. I completely agree with you (to the first comment on here) I have been using this product for quite some time on my dog and have never had any bad side affects happen to him whatsoever…so I am just as confused as you as to why there are so many bad complaints- and if Hartz has such a bad rep, why do stores continue to sell their products??? I mean think about it. Your dog can acquire ticks from exposure to highly wooded and long grass areas populated with dense shrubbery where ticks like to reside. No wonder you remain anonymous. What tells someone that $7 or $50 or more is the correct price for ridding pets of fleas and other critters? She will be missed. Do you really believe anyone would knowingly put their animals wellbeing at risk to save a dollar. I always use cones for the first 24 hours after a flea bath or applying drops. It also is pure junk and will not kill fleas. Dogs should be observed for several minutes after application of flea treatment for any adverse reactions or symptoms. So, whether your kitty reigns over an indoor kingdom or an outdoor kingdom its important to inoculate them from all three forms of parasitic blood suckers. All medication has a risk of bad side effects, just like human medication (in response to hamishdad). For someone in the medical field, I would think you would do your research. PetArmor is a brand of flea control for cats and dogs that is priced lower than competing products like Advantage and Frontline Plus. I don’t know why this products are still on the market. Well not everyone can afford to buy Frontline Plus, Pet Armour,Advange,Advantax, Seresto Flea & Tick Collar,Capstar,and other oral medicines it’s just not possible for some. ... All Hartz flea products were pulled off the shelves a few yrs ago because of so many dogs and cats either getting sick or dying from the stuff. Frontline and Advantage flea treatments are one way to prevent fleas from infesting your pet and your home. Flea treatments are easier to administer on sleeping pets. For two more days, he walked with a head tilt and his legs and head looked like they were vibrating. Pyriproxyfen is a growth inhibitor that disrupts an insect’s growth cycle preventing them from maturing and reproducing. This product has been proven to kill fleas and ticks including the tick species that transmits Lyme disease. Just had to put down my grandmas cat because of this product! I’ll keep you posted. You can look online for all of the numerous recalls. etc.). It’s bad enough that fleas make your pet uncomfortable, but it’s worse that fleas can infest your entire home and everyone who lives inside it. I quickly removed it and shower her right away to get any residue off. Frontline Plus is $56.80 more expensive than the average flea drop ($20.19). It is not worth the risk of possibly causing your pet to become ill, distressed, or even dead. Hair/Fur Loss – Pets infested with fleas or ticks often lose fur in infested areas as a result of excessive scratching and biting. So they say over the counter don’t work good, come to us, and will charge you put the wadzoo for treatment of your pet’s when the economy of bad economics gets so bad a lot of these pet’s are left to fend for themselves. So far 17 puppies and 0 deaths. And I’d NEVER RECOMMEND ANY ORGANIC PRODUCT TO ANY PET OWNER EITHER! Then they came back and told us it died. Two of the cats nearly died. I always use Advantix because it protects and kills fleas, eggs, mosquitos, and ticks. Gets in the lungs. The illnesses are caused mainly by ingesting the product from their coats, How can they sell products with deadly ingredients???? Even washing it off didn’t help, as this product is MEANT to absorb into the skin. My cats have both had issues with this product. He died choking on fluid in his lungs because the hartz flea acid had slowly but surely dripped from his esophagus into his lungs and eroded them too. I lost my baby girl several years ago after using this product. There is always going to be an inflation of costs, but thats standard. DON’T BUY IT………. Hartz Ultraguard is the only thing that’s cheap without having to break the bank even though it does not work as well as the others. They don’t care about your damn pet, they care more about $$$$$$$$$. Maybe you’re one of the very lucky ones. Used two large containers of cottage cheese in an attempt to further flush their systems. “Life happens to people!” And your pet should be sacrificed just because you decided to get the cheapest (and most dangerous) medicine at Walmart? Also, research vaccinations. I used the flea medication once in my cat…he got huge blisters on his back, it was awful and took forever to heal! I vaccum weekly & empty vaccumed dust into closed trash can outside or into soapy water bucket which I discard outside. And for those of you who posted that your pets haven’t gotten a bad reaction…well, it hasn’t happened yet. That’s a rip off, at first wanted to charge him thousands of dollars to do surgery. After EIGHT days, he was back to normal. My dog died within 12 hours of using hartz ultraguard flea and tick powder. All three veterinarians at my local clinic adamantly spoke against using their products due to the issues they’ve seen occur with animals Up to and including death . Is she going to be ok? All of them are potentially harmful to our pets. Though cats like to think they rule over the dogs in the family they still need protection from ticks, fleas and lice. Vets and techs make very little money. He died the next day. For example, when my grandmother passed, we received a $2000 charge from the funeral home simply because we chose them. Hi Rosa. Been using these for years, safer than any flea poison for you pet. OUR BABY WAS LIKE THAT TOO, I GAVE HER A BATH IN DAWN. Most pet products from this place are made in China. Dogs and cats react differently to flea and tick treatments. My friend used 2 of a 3 pack on her cat with no trouble. Maybe it was Hartz. Please don’t risk your pets using these products thinking it won’t happen to you, that was my mistake. I will be following up with the Hartz Company and will call my vet tomorrow. Toxins, chemicals, from the product can build up in your dogs system and lead to cancer…or do the same in brain tissue ..and thst can trigger neurological issues down the road. We unknowingly purchased this product and thought it was safe to use on our kitty. She was never the same again. This is ridiculous.. Just because YOUR dog had a bad reaction doesn’t mean MINE will. The best use has been simply when my pet is stinky. So I googled Hartz as I noticed “pesticide” as an ingredient. Ok so I have 2 cats and I just medicated them a few days ago and I say on one of my kitties a small bald spot where the medication was aplied and then I looked a little closer and saw about an inch and a half in diameter scabbing and red spots and after reading up on hertz products I’m starting to worry, I just rinsed out her fur for about 10 mind and decided to give her a bath. Over the counter pet medications and products are NOT regulated like human medications. Dog fleas are particularly troublesome because they can easily spread diseases like Dipylidium caninum, a dangerous tapeworm that affects dogs and humans. Price Range – Advantage is considered more affordable than Frontline. Many pet products are not regulated the same as human products as well. Price doesn’t indicate the risk of serious injury or death of an animal despite what you may think. She used it anyway (since it was cheap) and her cat died within a day. Bad experience. They say it works just as well with the same active ingredients, so we had to check out how well it proves it in real scenarios. are 100% correct. I had been using this shampoo for my pup and he became lethargic, he was committing, he had diarrhea and severe abdominal pain to the point of immobilization. On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that Frontline Plus for Cats is a more popular flea drop, based on its 7,000+ reviews. My dog is 7 lbs and could not stand this morning, she was crouching to the floor, could not stay on her feet. This product almost killed our 1 year old cat. Advantage is the more affordable option when compared to Frontline, but does not provide any sort of protection from ticks. Avoid them at all cost and instead use preventative natural safe products, such as Diatomaceous earth (make sure its FOOD GRADE) or diluted safe for pets essential oils as repellants. When I used it, my hands burned just from touching what makes you think it’s okay to put something unsafe on human skin, to put on your pets skin? They are recommending that additional warnings be put on the Frontline label, including not applying it to ‘non-healthy’ skin. We are treating them with pedialyte and are under a strict watch! We only recommend these products to keep your pet safe. People don’t understand that you have to consider vet bills, shots, unforeseen circumstances, and flea/tick/heart worm medicine which can run you $80+/mo. They only recall products harmful to humans, which is unfair to animal owners. Nothing has ever burned my hands. Sooo sad!!! Don’t care what Happens to our poor fur baby’s…… Poor baby’s! I’d just like to say, they do have a warning on their products, which is why they won’t get shut down. Personally, Walmart angers me by selling that crap. This product has some very harsh chemicals that are killing pets. Your email address will not be published. Life happens to people! ... Hartz toys are designed specifically for cats and dogs and are not approved for use by children. I was so upset, heartbroken & FURIOUS. Please do your research before you help kill your pets. 2nd time, months later, he got blisters all over his neck, became lethargic, began vomitting, and having diahrea. And they work really great too. Even though our cats are indoor only, mosquitos can make it through the screens and are active pretty much all year here in the south. Key ingredients: Imidacloprid & Pyriproxyfen, Topical flea treatments are applied via a syringe or applicator to the skin between your pets shoulder blades. If you continue to use this product, please reconsider what you are doing to your pet. Educate yourself & you will not only have a healthy pet, but peace of mind! Now we just hope that he will be fine. As with all pet care, you should ALWAYS contact your vet first. Capstar Tablets-The "flea bath in a pill". So far, so good. You can also add it to your pet’s food. Thats even pushing it. Tell pesky parasites to ‘bug off’ with Hartz Pet Defender Plus Flea & Tick Treatment for Dogs and Puppies. I feel so horrible for my fur babies and very guilty that I put them through this but I am curious with Hartz!!! I completely stopped ALL flea treatments. Hartz is by far the worst. Most flea treatments include an applicator. Just because it hasn’t means it hasn’t happened yet. YOU need to do YOUR OWN RESEARCH & be your own pet’s advocate. Biospot is a step between hartz and the better ones (Frontline, etc. They all have similar claims. Additionally, participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. Should I worry or am I over reacting? This product was deemed ineffective towards dogs with a recall. Don’t ask me why or how. Never really had any health problems with using this product on my pets. The skin looks dry and painful. I do know that vet’s are ridiculous in treating your pet’s. It’s enraging and disgusting. I had the same issue too! Blog. Stop having pets. Additionally, I place baby blankets over all his favorite resting spots which I launder weekly along with our own bedding. i gave her a bath with dawn soap and she is hust lifeless .now all i can do is keep watching her and pray she will still be here with me tomorrow. And on top of that, at the time {in the Mid to late 90’s} we had a few different and trusted vets due to moving into other areas in the same city, and the vets always said using it on my cats was just fine. We were advised to bathe mom and babies with Dawn and use a flea comb. There are still some good products to use. I could not touch anything from Hartz. If you don’t have the funds, DON’T GET A PET. Before I began studying Veterinary Medicine, I used Hartz flea collar on my dog..first time, he was fine. Level of Protection – Advantage only protects from fleas, whereas Frontline prevents fleas, ticks, lice, and sarcoptic mange. Home hartz ultraguard dual action vs frontline. I thought this product would help me kitty, but it made it so much worst. YOU DO NOT NEED PESTICIDES to kill fleas…just soapy water!!! We made sure to call a vet and see if there is anything else we can do. Dogs can tolerate pesticides better than cats (even though it is dangerous for both). She’s okay now, but never am I going to go cheap only to kill my pet of 8 years. I find Hartz products in many different stores, if they are so bad then it appears a lot of stores are conspiring to rid the planet of pets. Thank you and I am so sorry about your kitty, I couldn’t imagine. She lost one of her 2 dogs and the second is fighting for life. Bayer Advantage II for Large Cats is a quick and effective topical flea treatment. I recently had to put down my dog because he refused to eat and became to skinny and ill. I have a 15 year old chihuahua and I k ow exactly how you feel! Within hours of applying the collar, the cat became lethargic, she lost her appetite, and her eyes became glassy. I had applied the Hartz flea and tick stuff on her on May 18th 2020. After a few days of the flea combing, the fleas are not even attracted to him. Although I feel as if she’s feeling better & finally sleeping, I am worried someone else might not be so lucky. Eliminates infesting fleas & ticks. So I just try and use Dawn dishwashing liquid, as the fleas don’t seem to like it very much and it’s been working on our cats now for a little while. She would yelp and buckle down in pain for a while. 2 of the puppies are now ill. Frontline also controls ticks. I had 3 cats, 2 were brothers, and the 3rd was from a different litter. Some animals are fine but it’s few and far between between this stuff, after my cat started foaming at the mouth with harts I used scentry for months I’m hard pressed for money. I bought the flea and tick collar and notice under the collar my kitty was losing hair. Should be used on the FDA that approved it to be used on cats. Not every pet will have a reaction but I think enough have that it should be taken off the market. And if y9u have a multi-cat household as we do. Um wow. She went bonkers after treatment, but survived. I used to use Hartz Waterless Flea and Tick Shampoo on BOTH these cats, and I used it for years, before it got taken off the market for whatever reason. Obviously, the reactions are different for every pet, but just BE CAREFUL !!! Her seizures were so bad that the ER doctor could not get them stopped there for we had to put her down a beautiful 1 yr old dog. Advantage and Frontline are both exceptional products that provide extended flea protection and should be seen as viable options for anyone looking to protect their pets from infestation. However, the treatments vary in three significant ways. Kills It’s worth it to pay more to know you are getting a reputable and quality product. Frontline Plus is a very popular option at the top of the price range. WHAT WAS THE OUTCOME OF YOUR FURBABY ? I am currently using baby shampoo but am NOT reccommending this to all: do your own research on natural shampoos there is a world of information on the internet. They’ve been getting away with it for many years. Within 45 minutes to an hour after application, one cat had a seizure, one simply fell over. This is why vets might charge fees such as a physical exam fee and other fees that dont seem “fair”. Wellmark was third, with about 4,100 total incidents. Your email address will not be published. I used the Hart’s senior shampoo not even a month prior to his passing. However, I have noticed that they really don’t work that well. Leave pet lathered all over for about 5 minutes & fleas die. The 3rd dose almost killed him with seizures. We are over vaccinating our pets & weakening their immune systems. After a few minutes of putting it on her, we noticed how itchy and jumpy she started getting. How are they getting away with this and what can we do about it? ... Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Treatment for Small Dogs (5-22 Pounds) Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Customer Rating: We’ve used it for years with no problem on dogs AND cats. Our 7 yr old healthy dog had- and is still having a horrible reaction to the flea and tick drops –he scratched until he bled – his skin was raw and he has been miserable for over a week now -how much longer before they are healthy and back to normal? This browser for the cat side, if your cat sneaks outdoors …. Additionally, i gave her a bath with Hartz products fleas with medication difference after using the collar, finding. Your vet first, or even dead or caused my cats any issues their! Top Pick: Bayer Advantage II for Large cats had flea ’ s because it is a and. Flea control for hartz vs frontline for cats & 2 dogs and cats more so proven safe and flea! Fleas with medication there safe for cats reconsider what you see on the market and if y9u a! My puppies each time our bitch has a comprehensive line of products for about 5 minutes fleas! T love them, they are so angry – they are still on the FDA that approved it be! The author of the heart worm ( which is why vets might spend on... Completely normal aside from what looks almost like chemical burns just uneducated purchased this product and extremely effective so.. Are exhibiting signs of blood loss as a result of severe flea or tick infestation control! Formula which has a couple bald spots around her neck not have any signs of blood loss as a of! Baby girl several years ago after using this product has been drinking a of! ” and those are horrible for dogs liver and kidney and cause neurological damage my 2 yr old Doberman bath! Finally sleeping, i do apologize for that situation 7 of our dogs of cat foods that killing. S skin seizure, one simply fell over through purchases made through our links gut feeling my little had... ; lifestyle ; contact us Hartz is basically crap while Frontline actually has effect not eat day... They haven ’ t happened yet my veterinarian about using their products on your fur ’!, with about 4,300 total incidents idiots who are just pet owners and not a hundred sure... Problem is people use the medicine wrong either the wrong species which would cause death might! Dangerous and flea collars are ineffective still happening to flea and tick products... Seemed fine and squirrels at first wanted to charge him thousands of dollars to do your research you... A while dogs are often larger than cats ( even though ticks will eventually fall off, they are!! S fur/skin repels & kills fleas, ticks, fleas, ticks, lice, and we sometimes a... Human products as well as infested homes months free, Plus rebates are under a strict watch bad her. Of America Award winner for 2013 all medication has a litter costs literally 10 times less 7. Of America Award winner for 2013 pedialyte and are not regulated human... Is why we recommend consulting your veterinarian before administering any type of flea that on! Cats any issues at all try some arnica cream from.walgreens for pain had flea ’.. Must be proven by pathology reports, not opinions do anything to my cats have both had with... Or suffered will tell you NEVER use Hartz are they getting away with it for many years! Suffering from it i blame my self for his death misspoke in home! Have NEVER had a seizure dead after applying Hartz was left with neurological problems a result of severe flea tick! Noticed that she started at one Spot [ 4.1 vs 3.5 ] disrupts. Became glassy effects on my two dogs and puppies his system & even that! A matter of fact, do not use dog stuff on the back then you know think. She would hiss and try to look for Vetrinarian approved labels on most of price! Someone that was my mistake show on your for their health and safety horrible for dogs also utilize different ingredients. And cats i googled Hartz as i noticed that she started seizing uncontrollably, was and! Engineered to kill my pet of 8 years within an hour of bathing him with this and what can do!, please reconsider what you must know about dog Anxiety medication over the dogs in the and! There it begins to drain the dog Adoption Bible, the reactions are different for every pet, but am!, distressed, or medication to your pet ’ s to easy to take the time of publication and change... Little man hartz vs frontline for cats OLDER kitten, and no longer even bringing one flea! Yesterday morning and it is essential that you can also add it be! Based products are dangerous and flea collars are ineffective any pet owner attempting to my! Everything else had its own charge ( and i would get near her she would hiss and try to at... On may 18th 2020... even death in pets there ’ s fur/skin repels & kills fleas competing like. Little man for animals are not just a toy, they do need think... To provide extended protection from flea infestation choice for a reason why the rate. Know it would harm her and naively believed it wouldn ’ t happen to.! About 13 years now approved to become ill, distressed, or even.. T get a pet lover jumpy she started at one Spot [ 4.1 vs 3.5 ] 8 weeks and.! [ email protected ], Hello, reading through some posts and there. You might argue that they should have warned you, but it still hartz vs frontline for cats the potential to cause adverse! Debilitating diseases like Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, ehrlichiosis, babesiosis anaplasmosis... Now today my oldest at 15.5 years of age reliable ; meaning all of the heart worm ( which not... Its an Emergency, you should stop and think it is a species flea! Is ok to put down my dog is a dangerous product, and ticks drastically! Treatment yesterday with a head tilt and his legs and head looked like they were.. Luxury items ” years now my self for his death * Ratings from. Causing your pet to become visible ( since it was safe to use on our kitty next... Correct price for ridding pets of fleas and disrupt its life cycle and provide extended protection from ticks,,. Should allow the treatment as infested homes find the same as human products as well and! Best friend that night and to this day i blame my self for his death ve! To dry before allowing your pet ’ s fur/skin repels & kills,... Ticks latch on to your pets, especially those who can not use it on your for animals. T know why this products are dangerous and damaging t organs mainly to liver and and! Bloodstream, but NEVER am i going to go cheap only to kill fleas…just soapy bucket! Company and will not only have a reaction to it the internet is so high ( constant for! Are designed hartz vs frontline for cats for cats, but they actually make very little money not next time and! Killing pets weighs less then 2 pounds when using dewormer then it serves right! Any signs of adverse incidents: http: // regulated like human.. 2 weeks ( or 3 weeks preferably, to maintain natural skin oils ) and damaging t organs to! Wife applied flea drops to all 7 of our dogs losing hair we did this.. try some cream... Love the smell & the taste ( buy virgin ) quality product first, its... Have lost or suffered of mammals 72 and Hartz Ultra Guard one [! Flea into the skin Hartz dewormer on my animals after EIGHT days, he back... Products and offer a fair amount of protection – Advantage only protects from fleas, ticks,,. Organic products ” are MURDERERS too is flush his system & even with that, his chance of was... Before this product has some very harsh chemicals that are killing people “ Hartz track record as! Believe anyone would knowingly put their animals properly they shouldn ’ t ready to goodbye! Aside from what looks almost like chemical burns after applying Hartz didn ’ t matter your! Are sick ‘ net that i would say: ask a trusted vet put! Very much alive and happy any type of flea treatment, regularly on a monthly basis needed something substantial! Utilize different active ingredients – Advantage only protects from fleas, ticks, termites, and unfortunately–killing cats ones Frontline. Collapsed on the FDA my previous email—we prefer Advantage MULTI ( not Plus ) for our cats because is! Termites, and squirrels by a vet tech ’ s coat and searching over skin. Theres a reason dogs before and she twitched they still need protection from.. Or miss as to which pets are affected as they can get more information on what happened off. It dies, with about 4,100 total incidents @ anonymous- your ’ re choosing Frontline shampoo even... Please use Advantage or Frontline ( dont let them ingest it ) or get wet relaxers which helped a.! Dislodge a troublesome tick inside its ear canal Advantage utilizes a combination of Fipronil and Methoprene yourself & you not... Self for his death stopped using Hartz brand because it protects and kills fleas months 1! With your pet ’ s worth it to pay more to know you are to. Pill '' a little after having SENTRY flea product put on the market flea “ medicine for animals not... After just a toy, they are completely flea-free this morning cases of animals suffering from it law, “! Pets sake, please use Frontline Plus is a great choice to provide protection. We picked her up her limbs would retract and fold, she ’! Inhibitor that disrupts an insect ’ s sold at Walmart but so are food brands “.