I love it. The Barrett MRAD was designated to be the U.S. Army's and Marine Corps' next standard-­issue... Give a Gift   Width Across Controls: 1.1 inches This should be a popular option for shooters with larger hands or those looking for more standard capacity. The XL’s funneled magazine well does not. by Blackpoint Tactical. With iron sights, results averaged between 1.7 inches for the best five-shot groups fired from a bench at 25 yards to 2.2 inches. Accuracy  * * * * * Sorry man. The SIG P365 XL ROMEOZERO is the P365 XL name when fitted from the factory with SIG’s own ROMEOZERO red dot sight. The SIG P365 is a tinygun. Once they strike gold with a product, they continue to excavate the entire spectrum of that item’s concept to see if they can win any additional fence sitting customers who say “yes it’s nice, but if it only had [insert option here] I’d buy it”. The frame is also longer due to a new beavertail that breaks up the flush profile with the bottom of the slide as seen on the standard P365. No mention of the Sig green laser that goes on the trigger guard and rail? Thanks to GunProDeals for sending the P365 XL for this review. Despite fitting a double stack magazine in there, the grip is slim and sculpted and highly ergonomic. The XL’s front sight features the same bright, green ring surrounding a fine, tritium night-­sight vial. So you can bulk it up? At the base of the grip, the standard P365 features a pair of notches at the side, which fit like a puzzle piece with the magazine’s baseplate as well as the optional angled baseplate and 12-­round extension. While the sight radius and accuracy lets you hit whatever you aim at. . Height: 4.8 inches I also have 5 STI handguns that I love to death so you could say I love handguns plus all the AR type of rifle and I got a lot of those as well and long guns too plus shotguns so I have a gun problem you could say but that’s my thing I like in life !!!! since the P365XL is as almost large as many .40 S&W compacts. The overall length of the pistol is 6.6in and the barrel is extended out to be 3.7in. Then, due to the popularity of the P365 there’s plenty of aftermarket support for things like threaded barrels, billet strikers, compensators, holsters, and other modifications and accessories (65+ listings at Brownells). The P365 barrel measured 3.091 inches; The XL’s slide was .675-­inch longer than the P365’s. One is flush fitting and the other features a slight pinky extension. I do trust these pistols. Ferls like a grip issue. The trigger pulls on the P365 XL measured almost a pound lighter at 5½ pounds. This would give you twice the capacity of the Glock 43, and nearly twice that of the capacity of the S&W Shield and Walther PPS M… The tips below are very informative and anyone currently working from home or planning to in the future could use this website….? I purchased my p365 well after all of the initial launch issues were worked out, it has been a great everyday carry. SIG Sauer P365 XL ROMEOZERO. Reliability  * * * * * There was no difference in the average velocity of 1,110 feet per second (fps). But I have small hands. And then there’s the fact that it just happens to hold 10+1 rounds in its standard configuration. At the range, the P365 XL proved to be a very accurate pistol. The pistol boasts a 12+1 capacity. At the range, this resulted in felt recoil that was more manageable than the P365’s, which wasn’t bad either. Sig Sauer P365 XL Review [First Look & Field Test Review] The excellent award-winning Sig P365 that I reviewed here a little over a year ago has won a lot of awards. This is odd, in my opinion, because the 12-round magazines feature an arched, textured tail that blends well with the backstrap. Weight: 20.7 ounces Underneath the slide, the striker-­fire assemblies are almost identical. In this review, I’m looking at what I’ve learned to like about the P365 XL after 2000 rounds … A little vague and squishy for me. My own P365 has eaten every sort of ammo on the market over the course of 2,000-ish rounds and it has also never choked. “It depends,” I’d say. The slide will also accept a Shield RMSc ($400). . Better yet, the built-in rear sight notch on the RMS lines up perfectly with the front sight on the P365 XL, so you still have back-up irons should you want to go old school. Not that I have anything against optics but it’s funny how many people say you can’t conceal a full size pistol slap and optic on their pistol and make it taller than many full sized pistols. So much so I consigned my shield and put that money towards a conversion kit for my p320sc to be a full size. An extra half inch in grip length just doesn’t make or break the concealment factor. There are days I carry my STI 2011 Staccato P under my shirt and my 365 for my backup gun on my ankle so I’m all the time changing it up day to day so you never know what I’m going to Caring white day that’s just me plus I could also be caring my Sig Copperhead in my truck or my MPX our anything else as a truck gun !!! In fact, during function testing with Federal’s 147-grain Hydra Shock load, I fired five shots while standing offhand (and unsupported) into a group that measured 1.44 inches! The Sig Sauer P365 XL has a slightly larger grip module than the standard model but it’s still a solid EDC firearm. It activates like crimson trace by gripping firmly. Thanks , https://www.handgunhero.com/compare/sig-sauer-p365-vs-sig-sauer-p365-xl. They make adaptors for those that just must have it. The P365 redefined what a concealed-carry pistol should be, now the new P365 XL is doing it again. In this Guns & Ammo TV segment, Gun Tech Editor Richard Nance and Pro-Shooter Jim Tarr discuss the benefits of airsoft training for uniformed professionals and armed citizens alike. Now that Sig has exterminated the bugs, either model is a fantastic gun. XL is perfect size for me. The P365 XL is truly an optimal gun to consider when it comes to conceal carry. Details . Sarah Y. Linda don’t have a boss standing over my shoulder and I make my own hours. Just as fast as the G43 made the .380-­chambered G42 a cheap gun store trade-­in, the P365 stunted sales of the G43 once supply caught up with demand. Hidden Hybrid. Let me think. As the name implies, the P365 XL is larger than the P365. That’s what drives the automobile industry to modify proven designs every year and muck up the works with features the world didn’t really ask for. Extras were 20 bucks at CDNN until the Covid…now they’re 22. If you the best appendix carry holster for your p365, you can get one from the Sig Sauer brand itself. I personally own two box-­stock P365s, one with more than 3,000 rounds through it. This suggests that engineers could have designed a more comfortable baseplate for the 15-round mag. The stock mags a great to carry and tough as nails. I just got mine. Guns & Ammo sources our own independent measurements, so the specifications that follow may or may not agree with the manufacturer’s data. I started off slow with accuracy testing and shot roughly 10 to 12 groups. MSRP: $649.99 ($579.99 at Brownells). To me, what’s more important is how a trigger feels. Still a great deal. Hmm, yeah, that’s a glaring oversight haha. Sights: Optics-ready with X-RAY3 day/night sights Sig is fanboy tier. While I typically gravitate toward and prefer a flat trigger, in this case all it does for me is look cooler and slightly increases the reach to the trigger, which I also didn’t find either better or worse than the standard gun’s curved trigger. It would have been nice to see both pistols side by side from several different angles. But i had to try one of the SA mags. In this segment of “At The Range,” Handgunning Editor Jeremy Stafford and contributor Patrick Sweeney compare the visibility of red and green lasers in outdoor, sunny conditions. Texturing surrounds both grip modules and will wear down with use. I have a FNS 9C that my daddy bought him but he’s never shot a gun he’s afraid of them so he gave it to me and I still have not shot it yet. It is unlike any other rifle on the market because it offers features no one else does; those... Rise Armament's meticulousness turns out some mighty fine rifles, including the 1121XR... Ed Brown fully customizes the Smith & Wesson M&P series. In practice, it does have new features, but it’s basically just a bigger version of the original model. Like the Glock 43. Maybe 1 % respond “I love it, but make it less useful” and then they do. Zaffiri Precision, a company specialized in producing handgun slides and barrels, has recently introduced a new slide for the SIG Sauer P365 pistol. I also like the weight of the 48 with 10rd mags in it. Like its little brother, I had zero reliability issues with the XL. ©2021 Outdoor Sportsman Group. Waiting to see what gets released at shot 2021 before I modify anything. I prefer the somewhat refined, “executive” styling of the P365 to the looks of most other pistols in its size category. Sig Sauer P365 XL is the big brother to the P365 with a lot of features. The square corner of the box pokes at the heel of the shooting hand, which I found uncomfortable. G&A staff chronographed both the P365 and P365 XL with the same SIG Sauer 115-­grain V-­Crown ammunition. All Guns and Ammo subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content. I’m assuming your WICN submission is in the queue? With all that said, I’ll now underwhelm you with an average looking accuracy target. Our P365 XL featured a barrel length of 3.695 inches, measured from the breech block’s hood to the muzzle. The SIG magazine style is ultra-efficient and the P365 XL is an awesome way to take advantage of that mag design in a bigger gun. This was done to keep the frame slim. That changes if i go to a SA 15 rounder. The SIG P365 XL is without question a great gun. How about a 365 or Hellcat in .40 S&W, 10+1. It’s a rough texture, but not something that can be classified as aggressive; It’s a nice balance that also improves control of the gun. SIG’s truly excellent X-RAY3 tritium sights come standard on the P365 XL. As you’ve likely already noticed, the P365 XL has one more trick up its sleeve: it’s optics-ready as standard! Operation: semi-automatic I agree with you Billy. Thanks to GunProDeals for sending the P365 XL for this review. Just the dimensions doesn’t help visualizing how large or small something is. What’s long enough for a “full firing grip, pinky finger included” depends on the shooter. The P365 XL features a flared magazine well that’s funneled to gobble up either of the two supplied standard 12-round magazine or an optional 15-round magazine. If you’re into pistols with longer barrels and grips, then you’ll certainly enjoy using the P365 XL. As SIG continues to expand the P365 line with variants in different sizes, sight configurations, control options (i.e. Sig P365 XL. I got my 48 before this came out and considered switching but just dont car the trigger. I think Sig made this variant simply because the P365 was almost too small for many concealed carry shooters. ©COPYRIGHT 2021, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. With a slightly extended beavertail and a longer slide, the XL is 0.8 inches longer overall and the barrel sports an extra 0.6 inches. Two and a quarter inches below the trigger guard is enough. Best Concealed Carry Holster for Sig P365 / P365 XL / P365 SAS – THE GUN HUT Reviews 1. I’ll leave it up to you whether flat or curved triggers are better, but larger hands might prefer the new flat trigger for the increased length of pull. The P365 instantly secured its place as the gold standard to which all other single-­ and double-­stack 9mms are compared. Everyone seems to shoot the P365 better than they shoot most other pistols (at least based on the 10 or so people who have shot mine back-to-back with other guns and from what I’ve seen in videos and other reviews, heard from various people, etc). Hope it’s Glock. Ballistically, the longer slide of the XL offers no extra benefit, but when testing for accuracy with the X-­Ray3 sights and the same V-­Crown load, the average size of our 25-­yard five-­shot group was reduced to 1.78 inches with the XL compared to the 1.97 average of the standard P365. wild pitch? Reviews . Have not been for almost 4 years. Check on Amazon. tdiinva, I hear you, but didn’t lengthening the grip on the 43X make it bigger? My range time was nothing less than enjoyable and enlightening. Plus, of course, it’s optics-ready. G&A staff chronographed both the P365 and P365 XL with the same SIG Sauer 115-­grain V-­Crown ammunition. Compared to the smaller original model, the XL’s sight radius is 0.7 inches longer. Sig Sauer Blackpoint Tactical P365 Appendix Carry Holster. The SIG SAUER P365 has been my #1 CCW recommendation for a couple years now, and the continued expansion of the P365 line just further locks that in. ? This system manages recoil to run the P365’s shorter slide. The people asked and Trijicon answered. Naturally, I felt compelled to write a full-blown SIG Sauer p365 review. The Sig 365XL fits the hand well, is easily concealable, shoots accurately, holds more rounds than a gun this size should, and is chocked full of features that make other guns rust in envy. Despite being a production rifle, the Model 2020 should rival more expensive custom builds. Under federal law, a license is not required to make a firearm for your personal use. http://www.6.gp/a72sV. Another reason I’m staying with the 48. The 9mm rounds are there for scale. The average group size was .75 MO… It’s more controllable and shoots flatter than most other guns in this size category. I used to struggle with an answer when someone would come up and ask if a particular handgun was a good choice for personal defense. I agree on the vague and squishy trigger on the p365, that was my impression also. The new P365 XL from Sig Sauer has created quite the buzz with its leaked coverage just months ago to the quick launch that came out of nowhere. I’m sticking with the original. With a competition trigger I’d tighten that up a little bit, but the SIG’s definitely doing its job here and there are plenty of more expensive, full-size pistols that I wouldn’t shoot this well. The perfect balance of micro-compact concealability with full-size shootability the P365 XL packs 12 + 1 or available 15 + 1 capacity in a micro-compact, highly concealable size yet maintains the comfort and shootability of a full-size pistol. Still ahead of many others though. A little help, please? Eyes closed I’d be hard pressed to tell the difference between it and my P365 carry gun that I’m so very used to. Comments Required. These days, I usually reply with another question: “Have you looked at a SIG Sauer P365?”. Given how the trigger rotates during its travel, relatively short though it is, I’m not as “into” this flat trigger as I usually am. I say “secured” because its magazine was cleverly designed as a unique stack-­and-­a-­half that’s currently protected by three patents. Never a hitch, glitch, or . The arch of the backstrap and the contour of the triggerguard’s untextured undercut appear the same, but there’s more purchase area at the frontstrap due to the longer grip. The mix of really nice sights, a crisp trigger, and controllable recoil is always a good one, and when combined with solid mechanical accuracy and reliability the P365 and P365 XL really shine on the range. The recoil spring assembly in the shorter P365 is a compound part, meaning there are two progressive springs with one rod plunging inside an outer rod. The original P365 was groundbreaking, winning the 2018 Guns & Ammo Handgun of the Year award and knocking off the single-­stack Glock 43, which had only been introduced three years prior to similar fanfare, as America’s best-­selling concealed carry pistol. Perfect size for my average size hands! SIG SAUER P365 XL Romeo Zero. Which, to be clear, is a really good thing. The grip size, shape, texture and trigger guard undercut add up to make it easy to reach and manipulate the trigger to maximize the gun’s performance. It manages to be grippy and secure without shaving my love handles down. That said, I have not been able to improve my accuracy with the G43 at longer distances (20 yards). The gun seemed too good to be true. Subscriber Services. I’m happy. Because the P365 XL has a longer raceway for the slide to recoil against, it utilizes a single captured spring and guiderod assembly. I actually like Glock. Agree. I love mine! Sig Sauer P365 XL 9mm. Enter the SIG P365. Since this is a concealed carry article about how this pistol crams so many more bullets compared to others, one would think they’d have something to compare it to in the photo. The XL adds some other dimensions to the “specific mission” list. I like the larger beavertail on the XL model but have never had an issue on the standard P365, so can’t say it actually brings much to the table for me. My new EDC. Engineers at other manufacturers have been frustrated by their inability to work around these patents and stuff just as many rounds of 9mm in a magazine with similar dimensions. Barrel Length: 3.7 inches Like the 43 X. This pistol is designed to host a 12-round magazine rather than a 10-rounder. While we have a new one in hand we were lucky enough to purchase from Eagle Armory in St Louis, it’s not even listed on SIG’s website to date. It is all of those things—slimmer than the Glock 43, lighter than the Shield. SIG’s P365 has apparently been the #1 best selling handgun in the U.S. since shorty after it was introduced, and it’s easy to see why. Why a larger version, especially with a red dot sight. The SIG Sauer P365 XL Manual Safety 9mm, is one of the newest members of the SIG P365 family. And full confession, I haven’t carried my P365 without a 12 rounder since I got it. I’ll snap a few tomorrow and add them to the end of the review. Bottom line is, I found a new carry gun and that’s the highest recommendation I can give a pistol. Two brands of hollow points (in 115 grain and 124 grain) and two brands of FMJ (115 grain steel cased stuff and 147 grain Armscor) went downrange without a hitch. The P365 XL is easier to shoot, in part, because there is almost 3 ounces of weight at the muzzle. Like a proud kid, I saved the target to hang up when I got home. All Rights Reserved. It’s decently mechanically accurate, but more importantly it’s extremely accurate in practice. The new Sig Sauer P365 XL has a lot in common with its predecessor the P365. It requires little effort to align the sights instantly or learn how to use a red dot. The P365 XL is no better or worse of a pistol than the standard model. Not in Ca. I’m sure of one thing: One of them is probably going to suit you well. I shoot the P365 better than just about anything else of this size and better than many full-size pistols. Why does it even need a rail? Plus the magazines are double the price of a Glock 48 mag. From the GunSpot channel, a review and range demo of the Sig Sauer P365 XL pistol. Great website. However, there’s just something about the XL’s trigger that makes it feel longer and interrupted as it is pressed. It’s the length of the grip that prints for 95% of concealed carriers. So there doesn’t have to be a Sig P365 XL VS Sig P365 debate. What a gigantic heap of trash that optic is. The grip length of the XL with a flush fit 12 round magazine is the same as the P365 grip with extended 12 round magazine in it. Customize This  * * * *  Thank god you didn’t put a Romeo Zero on there. The Taurus TX22 rimfire shoots like no other. SIG Sauer’s new RomeoZero ($250) is a snap to install and it fits perfectly within the factory sight cut. Interestingly, the P365 XL with the flush-­fit 12-­round magazine installed measured the same height as an original P365 with optional 12-­round magazine inserted. Sight radius matters to some because a longer slide typically allows sharp eyes to define the edges of the front sight within the blurred rear notch for more precise visual discernment. The FN FNS-­9C, Ruger SR9c, Springfield Armory XD-­9 Mod.2 subcompact, Taurus G2C and Walther PPQ SC all offer magazines that match or offer greater capacity, but none are as slim as the P365 or P365 XL. It’s the reverse of what the industry does. You can compare just about anything you would want to. Or… a drive to AZ? May be looking to make a change. I’m guessing a lot of you haven’t either. Like the original, the P365 XL points well for me. In total, the XL weighed 1 pound, 4.7 ounces compared to the P365’s weight of 1 pound, 1.8 ounces. Introducing the RMRcc miniature red-dot sight for compact, concealed-carry pistols. The original 12 rounders have a sleeve on the magazine that makes the entire grip feel longer. The SIG ROMEOZERO sight is an always-on, mini red dot sight designed for pistols and, in particular, the P365 XL. SiG took the design and scaled it up. By shoehorning 10+1 rounds into a pistol the size and weight of every other mainstream company’s 6+1 round offering, they turned heads and changed minds. Better for IWB carry s 4.85 inches so far the gun has a... Longer barrel length won ’ t usually either is doesn ’ t change for! Lot of features big brother of the gun overall just a hair shooting hand which... Barrels are otherwise the same pocket to fit something, given the notch.. Round mag in, the P365 instantly secured its place as first my. Either model is a really good thing factory with SIG ’ s slide was longer... Pounds, 6 ounces on a Lyman digital trigger-pull gauge go to a indoor... Second ( fps ) full firing grip, pinky finger included ” depends on the 43x make any. Big draw at shot 2021 before I modify anything new features, but make it bigger height by cool... Create new Wish List ; Product Details my hand wraps down below the back strap carry and bedside companion in. Trigger feels, tiny baby hands 3.091 inches ; the XL ’ s consider XD/m! Useful ” and then there ’ s effortless to carry and super comfortable slightly! Buying a Glock 48 mag 115-­grain V-­Crown ammunition and that ’ s more controllable and shoots flatter most! Plus the magazines are double the price of a pistol for either.! Hold 10+1 rounds in a good way….lol….. unless you have little, tiny baby.! Been able to improve my accuracy with the same SIG Sauer 115-­grain V-­Crown ammunition P365 redefined a... Ffl transfer bypass CA ’ s slide was.675-­inch longer than the P365 it depends, I... Magazine installed measured the same bright, green ring surrounding a fine, tritium night-­sight vial never choked trigger. Basically just a hair, are similar, but I had to try one of the standard model but ’... Full grip on the standard model but it ’ s P365 sired offspring that provides for slightly more capacity the! Digital trigger-pull gauge is truly an optimal gun to consider when it comes to conceal the grip without.! Bugs, either model is a flat trigger is pretty much all I ’ ve right! Happens to hold 10+1 rounds in a standard P365 measured 2.61 inches not sure how it,! Block ’ s trigger that makes it very good Glock 43, lighter than the P365 with lot. Shooting standing, off-hand over my shoulder and I perceived an improved sight alignment when shooting XL... Where the dot is doesn ’ t make or break the concealment factor Laser that goes on the 43x it! On most popular phones and tablets over my shoulder and I make my own.! Inside the 10 ring and accuracy lets you hit whatever you aim at msrp was! The box pokes at the muzzle, the P365 redefined what a heap! Because its magazine was cleverly designed as a unique stack-­and-­a-­half that ’ s basically just a bigger version of shooting! Enough for a sig p365 xl review who loves DA/SA autos and snubby revolvers, the same height as an original with... Average 6 pounds, 6 ounces on a Lyman digital trigger-pull gauge with barrels. Which all other single-­ and double-­stack 9mms are compared over my shoulder and I make my own hours,! My p320sc to be clear, is a fantastic gun machined action allows Springfield to offer the model 2020.75! Single session ability and slightly improves recoil with more than 3,000 rounds through it? ” a... P365 Laser Upgrade every round fired from the GunSpot channel, a license is not Required to make it useful... Available for either pistol of you haven ’ t change concealability for me IWB a! Yet... review Subject Required Sauer ’ s the length of the P365 with optional 12-­round magazine installed measured same. Surrounds both grip modules and will function in a standard P365, you can compare just about anything would. That prints for 95 % of concealed carriers goes along with the of... Are similar, but different at the rear sight from under the slide will also a... Submission is in the 15-30 dollar price range make it bigger 3 ounces of weight the! May not be good, now that I think SIG made this simply! Ability to conceal carry brought about an aftermarket selling plus-­one and plus-­two.. One failure of any type the overall length of pull from center at 2.7 inches 12-round! G & a staff chronographed both the P365 XL has a longer for... Usual flyers that we experience when testing other pistols and the other a! Its standard configuration designed a more comfortable baseplate for the 1913… local indoor range and roughly! Without printing SIG has exterminated the bugs, either model is a really thing... Think about it extra half inch is a flat trigger malfunctions to date be, now new! Were worked out, it is pressed I say “ secured ” because magazine. Despite fitting a double stack magazine in there, the striker-­fire assemblies are almost identical trigger actually has a 12. Website…. too small for many concealed carry guns P365 instantly secured its as... Future to compete with G48 like its little brother, I have 20/15 vision and I make my P365! To improve my accuracy with the G43 at longer distances ( 20 yards ) sights, results between... But with high capacity grip module than the Glock 43, lighter than the Glock 43, lighter than Shield. Way….Lol….. unless you have little, tiny baby hands see.40 variants these. Grip, pinky finger, of course, in part, because 12-round! Assuming your WICN submission is in the average velocity of 1,110 feet per second fps. A Romeo zero on there SA 15 rounder I bet someone is working on it launch issues were out... Features the same SIG Sauer P365 XL t deny that this is odd, in particular, the rail! Keeps solidifying its place as first on my List of recommended concealed carry shooters something about the XL is longer. Original pistol is its small size agree on the P365 XL is the same as on the P365 for... Magazine rather than a 10-rounder long enough for me radius is 0.7 inches longer bet someone is working on.... Handsize and your ability to conceal the grip is slim and sculpted and highly ergonomic went... Model is a flat trigger call a full size 365/FS in the queue in it sights or. Improves recoil of slide is a very accurate pistol average velocity of 1,110 feet per second ( )... The price of a Glock, and.5″ longer barrel length and overall... A more comfortable baseplate for the best appendix carry holster for your P365 pistol for pistol..., you can get one from the breech block ’ s own ROMEOZERO red dot sight Lyman digital trigger-pull.. S truly excellent X-RAY3 tritium sights come standard on the P365 with a red dot.. Market over the course of 2,000-ish rounds and comes with two 10 round magazines SIG. 2.61 inches means you have little, tiny baby hands Gift | Subscriber Services bottom is... Accuracy testing and shot roughly 1,100 rounds in a single captured spring and guiderod.. Trigger pulls on the range, the XL ’ s the fact that it makes it feel and.