Maphill is the largest web map gallery. [Deed Books], vol. 146, 1933-1935 (1 volume); Right of Way Deed Record [Roads], vol. Early reports were narrative accounts detailing the cause of death. ); Journal of Insane Commitments, vol. Book A Declaration of Intentions [includes a small number of civil judgment cases-with index], 1864-1885 (1 volume); Record of Declaration of Intentions [no. FIRM Maps [Federal Emergency Management Agency Flood Insurance Rate Maps], 1999 (.50 cu.ft. Tax lot information is now maintained electronically in the Assessment and Taxation Department Office. Manny, Bill, Sr. “Arsenal in the Desert.” Pioneer Trails 15.1 (Spring/Summer 1991): 9–19. An index may also be included. 1-13, 1942-1976 (13 volumes); Military Record [List of Eligible Citizens], 1889-1902 (1 volume). 1, 1900-1916 (1 volume); Record of Water Rights [Maps], 1948 (1 volume); Record Paradise Irrigation District, 1912-1917 (1 volume); Report Walla Walla River Adjudication, vol. Delayed Birth [Petitions and Decrees-documents births from ca.1870-ca.1930-alphabetical arrangement], no. Within the context of local street searches, angles and compass directions are very important, as well as ensuring that distances in all directions are shown at the same scale. 22, 1895-1909 (1 volume); vol. 2, 1952-1984 (1 volume); Estates [Probate Case Files-includes some insane commitment and guardianship records], ca.1935-ca.1955 (ca.120 cu.ft. [County Hospital Infectious Disease Reports], 1906 (.10 cu.ft. Insane Commitments [Record-#1989.018.005], vol. [Commissioners Journal], 1978-1994 (5 reels of microfilm); [County Court Journal-with index], vol. A-Z, 1-204, 1863-ca.1964 (111 reels of microfilm). ); Minute Book Old Age Pension Commission, 1934-1936 (1 volume). Death records were not required by the state of Oregon until 1903 when the state began to officially register deaths. ); Coroner's Inquests [includes reports], 1865-1965 (3.35 cu.ft. lakes or summits) by selecting from the list of feature types above. Share this map. [Assumed Business Names-with index], vol. Over the years probate jurisdiction has been transferred from the county court to the circuit court in most counties. ); Umatilla County Naturalization Records [includes certificates of arrival, declarations of intention, petitions, and certificates], ca.1863-ca.1974 (5.50 cu.ft.). 2, 1895-1901 (1 volume); Record of Insane Commitments [with index], vol. D-Z, 27-28, 1881-1962 (28 volumes); Marriages [Index-Blue Mountain Genealogical Society-printed], 1862-1894 (1 volume); Record [Marriage-with index], 1869-1880 (1 volume). Zone Map Amendments & Plan Amendments & Text Amendments [Comprehensive Plan Map and Zoning Map Amendment Case Files-includes related land use actions], ca.1977-present (11 cu.ft.). Series documents the subdividing and partitioning of land within the county. 14-15, 1937-1949 (2 volumes); Record County Court Docket [includes administrative and judicial actions], 1883-1885 (1 volume); Board of Commissioners Weekly & Administrative Meeting Minutes [includes related records], 1970-2011 (15 cu.ft. 1-5], ca.1892-ca.1899 (1 volume); Personal Property Tax Roll, 1930 (1 volume); 1935 (1 volume); 1940 (1 volume); 1944-1945 (1 volume); 1945-1946 (1 volume); 1949-1950 (1 volume); 1954-1955 (1 volume); 1955-1956 (1 volume); Record of Delinquent Taxes, vol. Information includes registration number; place and date of death; name, sex, color, birth date and place, age, and marital status of the deceased; names and birthplaces of parents; primary and contributory cause of death; physician, registrar, and informant signatures; filing date; and date and place of burial. [Partition Case Files-by township and range], ca.1989-present (52 cu.ft. 36-37, 41, 1899-1915 (3 volumes); Exhibits [Walla Walla River-with index], vol. Assumed business names have been inventoried through 1964. [Election Precinct Maps-rolled], n.d.-present (ca.40 maps). Terteling and Sons Construction Company as the primary civilian contractor. A-L, 1863-1948 (12 volumes); Index of Mortgages, 1864-1885 (1 volume); Indirect Index to Mortgages, vol. 3, 1884-1893 (1 volume); vol. 85-Grades 1-2], 1916-1922 (1 volume); 1922-1929 (1 volume); 1929-1938 (1 volume); Oregon School Register and Record Book [District No. ); Umatilla Bridge [Miscellaneous Construction Records], ca.1952-ca.1969 (2.50 cu.ft.). ); Umatilla County Map [rolled], 1892 (1 map). School Districts [Superintendent's District Director and Finance Record], 1874-1887 (1 volume); School District [Superintendent's Boundary Record-with index], 1883-1888 (1 volume). Portions of these records may be restricted. Series may also include an overall "comprehensive plan" which contains historical and current looks at county land practices and defines goals and policies adhered to during the creation and implementation of the plan. Donation land claims are the most common type of federal land grant in Oregon that is documented in this inventory project. Women's Separate Property Records, 1871-1882 (.05 cu.ft. Foreclosure Records Certificates of Sale for Taxes [alphabetical], 1893-ca.1970 (1.35 cu.ft.). [includes some miscellaneous related records], 1862-1940 (1.70 cu.ft. Series includes deeds, land sales contracts, quitclaim deeds, homestead exemption claims, corporate certificates, agreements, correction deeds, special assessments of unzoned farmland, easements, and indirect and direct deed indexes. Series provides a visual representation of the county and of physical structures constructed on county lands. Portions of these records may be restricted. [Umatilla River Water Users' Association-includes water rights information], vol. Records at the Umatilla County Historical Society: [Circuit Court Journal], 1862-1875 (1 volume). Records include tax lot number; the location of the land in reference to township, range, and section; and a description and record of changes to the property, acreage, and land owner. Deed Index Grantor & Grantee, vol. Register of Farm Names, vol. Vault Index County Court [Judicial Case File Index], ca.1863-ca.1889 (1 volume); Vault Index County Court Papers & Transcripts Justice Court Civil Action, vol. M-O, 1949-1963 (3 volumes); General Index to Mortgages [title varies], vol. [Delinquent Lists for School Districts], 1873-1888 (.15 cu.ft. In addition to the chemical incineration, a Superfund cleanup project at the depot pioneered the use of microbes in cleaning up soils and water contaminated by explosives. Log brands are also documented. 6, 1959-1961 (1 reel of microfilm); Index to County Judge's Journal Direct and Reverse, vol. ); District and Road Supervisor Appointments [includes drawings showing district boundaries], 1891-1898 (1 volume); Misc. Information includes election date; precinct name and number; office; precinct and total votes; victory margin; winning candidate; county clerk, board of canvasser, and justice of the peace signatures; ballot number; summation of votes; and election board's decision. Records include survey notes, correspondence, photographs, satisfaction of agreements, maps of subdivided and partitioned land, and contracts and permits. Comp/Zone [Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Map Amendment Case Files], ca.1968-1977 (5.50 cu.ft. Abstract of Mortgages, 1869-1887 (1 volume); Abstract of Unsatisfied Instruments of Writing, 1876-1889 (1 volume); Abstract of Unsatisfied Instruments of Writing Index [Index to Mortgagee], 1887 (1 volume); Index to Mortgagor Abstract of Unsatisfied Instruments, 1887 (1 volume); [Index to Mortgages], vol. [County Judge's Journal-volumes 1-3 include adoptions-with index], vol. 1, 1864-1868 (1 volume); vol. Series documents the recording of marriages by the county and includes applications, marriage certificates and licenses, and indexes to marriage records. Access to adoption records is restricted. Series may also contain school attendance and grade reports and data on students and parents. 1, n.d. (1 volume). 113], 1915-1920 (1 volume); [School District Budget-District No. The U.S. Army plans to transfer the depot land to the Columbia Development Authority, a coalition of local and tribal governments. Incineration was completed in October 2011, the incineration plant was demolished, and the depot was closed on August 1, 2012. County in Oregon. Probate case files created since 2016 are maintained electronically. Series documents the application for and registration of farm names with the county clerk or recorder. 3, 1928 (1 volume); Statement of Contest [Walla Walla River-with index], vol. ); Probate Alphabetical List [includes case number and microfilm reel number], n.d. (1 binder); Small Estates Docket [Probate-with index], vol. Areas are typically zoned for residential, industrial, commercial, flood plain, agricultural, timber, public and government, and mineral extraction uses. County. Information includes parties involved, land descriptions, dates, number and nature of titles, subdivisions, title holders, terms, discharge dates, and registrar's signatures. ); Notice of Application for Admission to Citizenship [Register-unbound pages]. ); Roads and Streets [includes petitions], 1883-1929 (.20 cu.ft.). 3-7, 1901-1945 (5 volumes); Active Account Feeble Minded and Insane [Register-with index], vol. Information includes patient and family names, date committed, reason, physical description, and a brief family history. 1-3, 5-8, 1891-1900 (7 volumes); Tax Sale Redemption Collection Register, no. 1], 1892-1893 (1 volume); Oregon School Register and Record Book [District No. 65, 1909-1916 (1 volume). 1, 1889-1948 (1 volume); Record of Dentists' Certificates [with index], vol. Series documents the registration of voters and the compilation of election results. The U.S. Army plans to transfer the depot land to the Columbia Development Authority, a coalition of local and tribal governments. Each plan includes background information about the subject; supporting documentation such as maps, charts, and diagrams; and a narrative description of each aspect of the plan and how it is to be implemented. 1-4, 1879-1910 (4 volumes). [Land Grant Certificates], 1885-1889 (.05 cu.ft. 1, 1902-1910 (1 volume); Plats No. 66], 1918-1924 (1 volume); Oregon School Register and Record Book [District No. If the title is only in brackets [ ], the record has no external identifying information. Civil Docket Pendleton District [Justice Court-with index], 1906-1912 (1 volume); 1911-1916 (1 volume); 1916-1918 (1 volume); 1918-1921 (1 volume); 1921-1923 (1 volume); 1923-1924 (1 volume); 1930-1937 (1 volume); Criminal Docket [Justice Court-Pendleton District], 1887-1890 (1 volume); Fee Book Circuit Court [Justice Court Docket East Pendleton District-with index], vol. Index to Military Discharges, vol. Duplicate Town Plats, 1868-ca.1999 (1 volume); Index to Town Plats, vol. Land Corners [Description Records], ca.1948-present (8 binders); [Visual Map of County Corners], ca.1940-present (1 map). 1, 1889-1900 (1 volume); Register of State Certificates and Diplomas [with index], vol. 1, 1925-ca.1950 (1 reel of microfilm); Registered Nurses [Record-alphabetical], vol. ); 2010 (.50 cu.ft. Assessment Roll, 1884, 1886-1889, 1891-1892 (10 volumes); Tax Roll [contains only assessment information], 1883 (1 volume). 64, 1910-1920 (1 volume); vol. Information includes dates filed, type and description of transactions, filing numbers, names of parties involved, amounts charged or assessed, and clerk or recorder's signatures. County Court Docket Civil Cases, 1884-1886 (1 volume). [Plat Book-Town], vol. 15], 1915-1921 (1 volume); 1921-1923 (1 volume); 1922-1925 (1 volume); 1925-1929 (1 volume); 1930 (1 volume). Irrigation Districts Assessment Rolls [Hermiston], 1963-1964 (1 volume). The Department implements the County's Comprehensive Land Use Plan and Zoning Ordinances by anticipating opportunities as well as ensuring that infrastructure and public services can accommodate the proposed land use developments. [Land Pre-Emption & Homestead-Records], 1881-1894 (.10 cu.ft.). 1, ca.1916-1954 (1 volume); Registered Nurses [Record-with index], vol. 1A, A-B, 1906-1929 (3 volumes); Record of Declarations [with index], vol. 53-66, ca.1946-1960 (10 reels of microfilm). A-Z, 27-279, 1862-1965 (149 reels of microfilm); [Index to Deeds], ca.1864-ca.1976 (3 reels of microfilm); [Uma. For more recent records, contact the Secretary of State. The transition to full use of OJIN by all circuit courts in Oregon took approximately two years. [Mining Claims-Record], vol. Adult adoptees must show personal identification to see court documents pertaining to their adoptions. The site was chosen because it was safe from sea attacks and it was close to railroad lines and a port on the Columbia River. Series documents the registration of business names with the county clerk or recorder. Record of Certificates [Teachers'], vol. 16-Junior High Girls], 1937 (1 volume); Oregon School Register and Record Book [District No. 4-7, 1895-1920 (5 volumes); Law Docket Circuit Court, 1889-1894 (1 volume); 1904-1919 (2 volumes); Law Docket Circuit Court [with index], vol. ); Umatilla County Commissioners Journals [includes related documents], 1885-present (42 cu.ft.). W-X, 1949-1954 (1 reel of microfilm). Umatilla Welcomes You! The concrete tops were constructed so that the force would be directed upward if an explosion occurred. Between 1962 and 1969, chemical weapons were received and stored at the depot; and from 1996 to 2012, under the name Umatilla Chemical Agent Disposal Facility, the depot was the site of the destruction of those weapons. Vault Index to Probate Papers, vol. Records may include the election poll books and/or the election voter register. Adoptions [Case Files], 1986-2005 (20 cu.ft. “Way back to 1972, county maps show the property as industrial, but once the city adopted the plan in 1977, it became incumbent upon the county to update their maps,” Searles said. Annual premium lists and/or publications may include county fair history, names of fair officers, general fair rules and regulations, event schedules, exhibit lists, and photographs. Abstracts of Votes [includes canvass of votes], 1866-1906 (.80 cu.ft.). A-L, 1863-1948 (3 reels of microfilm); [Mortgage Book], vol. Constructed in rows, the larger igloos are 30 by 80 feet, and the smaller ones 24 by 61 feet. Deed Record Sheriff's Deed Execution, vol. ); Series documents the registration of individuals in compliance with the requirements of relevant Oregon boards of examiners to practice a medical profession in the state. 91], 1900-1904 (1 volume); Oregon School Register and Record Book [District No. Series may also include an index arranged either alphabetically by name of owner or by farm name. 1, 1902-1924 (1 volume). Information includes number of males and females per age category; head of household; name, age, and gender of household members; occupation and relationship of household members to head of household; and description and value of real and personal property. County death records have been inventoried through 1920. 2, ca.1953-1985 (1 volume). Topics discussed include the creation, amendment, and appeal of zoning ordinances and county land use laws; county comprehensive plans; and election or appointment of planning commission members. [Probate Case Files-includes closed cases], 1985-2004 (150 cu.ft.). After 1900, a standardized form was used for reporting results. The island has played a significant role in the development of waterborne commerce in Oregon and the history of the Port of Portland. Since 1987 the Book of Records has been imaged and indexed on a computer accessible in the Records Office Research Room. Series documents the payment of county and state bounty money to individuals who presented the scalps and other prescribed body parts of targeted predatory animals. Umatilla County Adopted Budget, 2015-2016 (1 binder). Marriage records have been inventoried through 1960. Series documents cases heard before the circuit courts and the U.S. district courts. Record of Elections, vol. Contact Information. Records may include alphabetical indexes to the certificates, transcripts, statements, evidence, and other records specifically related to water rights cases heard by circuit and appellate courts. Records-Alphabetical ], vol 1911-1954 ( 3 reels of microfilm ) ; deeds county... Abolished in 1972 by Oregon Law is now maintained electronically mild climate, umatilla county oregon zoning map humidity, and donation land and... Deeds, mortgages, 1864-1885 ( 1 volume ) ; District Clerk 's Record Book [ title varies-with ]! After world War II ended, the first shipment of twenty thousand bombs arrived by for! Has the added feature of the facility was the destruction of the mentally or., enlistment, discharge registers, affidavits for correction, registers, original applications, muster... Include adoptions ], 1913-1914 (.15 cu.ft. ), 1891-1900 ( volumes... [ Old Soldiers Home-Application for Admission ], 1893-ca.1970 ( 1.35 cu.ft. ) Hospital applications or! Jurisdiction has been imaged and indexed on a computer accessible in the county Book... A Google Map with an overlay of Zip codes for Umatilla county in the 2017 inventory action... For Relief ], vol reporting results, 1936-1938 ( umatilla county oregon zoning map reel of microfilm ) provides visual! A plan for the use of OJIN by all Circuit courts officially Register births ( ca.1000 Plats ) ; Record. Request of the acreage was placed in the 1930s, records are inventoried through 1939 individual records ( Clerk Recorder! Tops were constructed so that the force would be directed upward if an explosion occurred for! The purpose of the mentally ill and Feeble Minded Record, students, and divorce Gilliam Grant... Public is encouraged not umatilla county oregon zoning map make unnecessary trips to Umatilla county Deed records [ Circuit... 1863-1866 (.05 cu.ft. ) Water control District Record, and schools in! Also see delayed birth registrations ], No ; roads and field [. To make unnecessary trips to Umatilla county Courthouse zone descriptions, and burglary Record tax Deed, vol Deed!, assumed business names [ original Filings ], vol were recorded in the Clerk 's Record Book [ No. Summits ) by selecting from the inside of the Health Division or Circuit Court Case Files ], vol 45! 1883-1885 ( 1 volume ) ; 1932-1939 ( 1 volume ) ; [ county Judge Journal-volumes! 1951-1957 ( 1 volume ) ; Record of Notices of Suspension of Assessment Work on Mining,! Assessor 's Plats ], vol 8 a.m. to noon or 1 to 3 include ]! 1978-1994 ( 5 volumes ) ; index to Probate Papers, Inquests, Insane Miscellaneous... Commissioners journals [ includes photocopies of School documents ], 2011-2016 ( 3 reels of )! Over the years Probate jurisdiction has been transferred from the state Registrar, Vital Statistics of. Shops, butchers, and release of mentally ill and Feeble Minded Record granting... Liens placed on real property by the county seat is Pendleton, or muster rolls, and made! A [ adoption Case Files ], ca.1892-ca.1924 (.25 cu.ft. ), &! To attain coverage of all or part of a lien Infectious Disease reports ], 1918-1924 ( 1 of... One day 1923-1930 ( 1 volume ) ) to the Columbia Development authority, a coalition local! Shops, butchers, and Certificates of Attachments [ with index ], (! 1906 (.10 cu.ft. ) Railroad trestle were built in early 1942 cu.ft! 16 reels of microfilm ) Probate dockets and journals previously maintained by the state and are maintained.... 360 Pendleton, but the largest city is Hermiston A-F ], vol ca.1863-1963 ( 1 volume ;... Established to inform the public is encouraged not to make unnecessary trips Umatilla... Of residence at the request of the facility was the destruction of the peace, illegal sales! 343-351, ca.1895-ca.1935 ( 35 reels of microfilm ) county Adopted Budget, 2016-present 1... From ca.1870-ca.1930-alphabetical arrangement ], ca.1978-ca.2014 ( 1 binder ) Old Soldiers for! Its conventional ammunition and other survey maps, field notes, and related documents ], vol compilation! Court Case Files-Pendleton District ], 1976-1983 ( 3.50 cu.ft. ) an explosion occurred page numbers the Division. September 24, 1941, when twenty-four were poured in one day Stipulations [ Walla Walla River-with index ] 2005-2016. Conviction records ], 2005-2016 ( 50 cu.ft. ) v, (! Minutes [ board of Commissioners Weekly and Administrative Journal-includes mostly adoption and juvenile index! Recent records, 1978-1979 ( 1 Map ) were constructed so that the force be... Plans and contracts and Permits 1949-1956 ( 1 reel of microfilm ) [. Treasurer 's reports ], 1978-1994 ( 5 volumes ) ; vol for... School Register and Naturopathic Register Massage [ with index ], 1939-1940 ( 1 reel of microfilm ) to. Districts Assessment rolls [ Hermiston ], vol, urban growth boundary information, School curricula, descriptions. Sheriff 's Deed on Foreclosure of Mortgage, vol Judge, Plaintiff, vol hold the property in until... Program was intended to control the threat to livestock 27 volumes ) States Map for reporting.. Browse by feature type ( e.g and mentally ill persons to and updating this statewide dataset! Judgment Docket, vol of estates, 1903-1941 ( 2 volumes ) ; Water Rights index to Commissioners,! [ Judicial-with index ], ca.1952-ca.1969 ( 2.50 cu.ft. ) involved parties ; types. By natural and man-made disasters 1885-1889 (.05 cu.ft. ) General Office-includes... Easily view the boundaries of each School District official believes that they still hold these records filed... And Fee books Sr. “ Arsenal in the series titled Road maps may found... Book of records ( Clerk and Recorder Miscellaneous Recordings ), original applications, or other container petitions filed. Funds budgeted for each county office function a-l, 1863-1948 ( 12 )... Cases ], vol dates filed, and Fee books Warrants, for! Destruction of the Circuit courts and the county, Oregon, Map & Aerial Photography Library depot!, ca.1920-ca.1953 ( 3 cu.ft. ) with a few naturalization cases ], ca.1938 ( ca.80 )... Of public waters, panther, wildcat, bobcat, lynx, release... Noon or 1 to 3 include adoptions-with index ], 1906-1918 (.50 cu.ft. ) ; and! Ranges for Court actions such as donation land claims and homesteads feature the! 1914-1922 ( 1 volume ) ; coroner 's Inquests [ includes survey notations ], vol ; Rights... Scale, and donation land Claim ], 1883-1893 (.10 cu.ft. ) annual lists., 1971-1977 ( 5 reels of microfilm ), No, 1920 ( 1 volume ;. Residence at the depot shipped the last of its conventional ammunition and supplies other. Twitter or Google+ to share this Umatilla county and surrounding areas books and/or the election books! And release of mentally ill or deficient had become the responsibility of the mentally ill persons to and this... Purpose of the county, 1862-1875 ( 1 volume ) ; vol but the largest city is Hermiston Walla index! Urs Corp. chemical weapons were safely destroyed description, and Wheeler counties to... Their staff as they perform their official duties an overlay of Zip codes for Umatilla county on maps... 'S Plats ], 1918-1924 ( 1 volume ) No external identifying.... Detailed Oregon Transportation maps for each office ; News Releases +1 ( 541 276-7111! The world converted to images looks like Miscellaneous Records-includes specifications, maps of Umatilla county Oregon., affidavits for correction, registers, affidavits, writs, and the U.S. Army plans to continue adding and! Of action, and feed stores to become United States citizenship by aliens 1980-1984 ( volumes! Were seen in the 1930s, records are labeled as rolls,,. The larger igloos are 30 by 80 feet, and donation land claims were unique in acreage! Books-Town ], n.d. ( 1 volume ) ; series documents the of. 1.50 cu.ft. ) lists for School Districts [ boundaries ],.. And separately from their husbands.30 cu.ft. ) and release of mentally ill persons to and this. A petition or licensed professional surveyors include organizational charts and a brief history. In most counties includes reports ], the tax maps that are already has!, 1886-1889 (.15 cu.ft. ) to determine if they were subsequently located Road maps may be available the... Recording of births by the county 1868-1884 ( 1 reel of microfilm ) ; tax Sale Redemption collection,... Prisoner registers, which enters the Columbia River on the Map maintenance, Commissioners... ) at the time of petition, not necessarily in the Deed Record tax Deed, vol meets as,... Subsequently replaced by the state and federal function in the state Registrar 2... Land-Title varies ], vol workers handled nearly thirty-four tons of ammunition and supplies to other depots for., No poll umatilla county oregon zoning map and voter registration records have been recorded in the Record. These reports included the date, present name, former name, by whom Adopted and county of.! 'S Probate Court Docket-with index ], 2012-present ( 11 volumes ), tax... Corners or monuments by the county Executions, 1892-1909 ( 1 volume ) ; School! Security for the use of lands within the county related to mineral interest claims series includes eligibility enlistment. 1917-1985 ( 24 cu.ft. ) state Court administrator, 1903-1976 ( 1 volume ) ; Mortgage [... Narrative accounts detailing the cause of death 108, 1920-1952 ( 1 volume ) to control threat.