Do Siberian Huskies get along with Chihuahuas? The Ohio State University Indoor Pet Initiative: Conflict Between Cats, The Humane Society of the United States: U.S. Pet Ownership Statistics. Akitas and cats sometimes get along, but these dogs have a strong prey instinct and can be unpredictable. Dalmatians are medium-sized, short-coated dogs. With his dog-fighting ancestry, dog aggression can be a problem. A wonderful way is to play the games like pass the puppy. About one in 10 dalmatians is deaf -- a significantly higher rate than most breeds. You will need to have a yard, love, and lots of time. The Bombay. True to their grouping, they are good companion dogs. But many Staffords are more than willing to fight if challenged. Speaking of Fluffy, you need to allow her a few liberties with your pup. Apply for Puppy. Dogs with very strong prey drives may be difficult or impossible to train to get along with chickens. List Of Dalmatian Mix breed Dogs #1 Beaglemation – (Beagle x Dalmatian mix) From: Imgur Height: 15 – 20 inches Weight: 35 – 60 pounds Lifespan: Around 10 – 12 years Adaptability: Excellent family pup, Better for experienced dog owners Shedding Level: Beagle Dalmatian mix moderately sheds all year Apartment Friendly: Moderate to good … 15 Dalmatian Mix Breed Dogs … Hissing and scratching should be tolerated in moderation, as punishing a cat can instigate a lifelong grudge. Can you take dogs into Bed Bath and Beyond? They can also get along with other dogs, cats, and other pets when the same conditions apply. Your dog is naturally a predator, with the instinct to chase and even kill prey animals. Bolognese. Yes they do! Anyway, although there are sure to be plenty of people who disagree, here is my list of dog breeds that do not usually do well with cats: Sled Dogs (Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, etc) Sight Hounds (Whippets, Salukis, Azawakh, and some others) Terriers (Jack Russel Terrier, Rat Terrier, etc). Samoyed. Or if cats are more your thing, there are several great cats available, too. I breed for temperament first. Generally, they do well with children although young children should never be left alone with any breed. Because chinchillas are prey animals, keeping them in the same house as predators -- such as dogs and cats -- can be problematic, although it's not impossible. Stubbornness seems to be an epidemic for both breeds. Dogs, as species, are flock animals. Your dog may bark or lunge at the cat. The American Kennel Club: Get to Know the Dalmatian, Westminster Kennel Club: Breed Information -- Dalmatian, VetStreet: The Right Way to Introduce a Dog and Cat, Dog Owner's Guide: Making Peace Between Dogs and Cats, UC Davis Veterinary Medicine: What to Expect When Bringing Home a new Pet, Pet Sitters International: Who Rules? Beagles were bred to hunt in packs, so they are typically friendly with other animals. Comes with shots, worming , dew claws removed, prescription worming, collar, leash, food. Whether you're adopting one Dalmatian or 101, it's important to consider other animals that share your household -- especially cats. Dachshunds and cats can get along under certain circumstances -- in some cases, however, it may be safest to keep them separate. The Dalmatian makes a good playmate for children, although it may be a little too rambunctious for smaller children. Begin mixing the animals smells by stroking the cat then stroking the dog and vice versa (with pets in separate rooms). Happy-go-lucky labs can learn to be gentle with cats. These rare pups are dog-friendly. Huskies can get along well with dogs of other breeds, but it varies by individual. Do cats like being around people, or are they only using humans to open doors and operate can openers? All the breeders who are responsible and know about dogs take good amount of time to introduce the Dalmatian puppies to the children of small age. Once they reach adulthood, cats are not always big fans of other felines. Truthfully, how a husky will act and get along with a chihuahua (or not) will depend on the individual. He should not be kept with another dog of the same sex. Pomeranians and Other Surprising Dog Breeds That Actually Make the Best Service Animals Golden retriever. Silkies have a strong prey drive and will chase cats, squirrels, rodents, and sometimes other dogs. Consider the phrase "fight like cats and dogs.". The Siberian. Goats are social animals who need the company of at least one other goat, but also get along with cows, sheep, horses, or donkeys. I breed for temperament first. Wendy Schack on January 26, 2013: Our basset/husky is not a fan of cats. This is, however, a high shedding dog breed. Pick a room or two your cat already knows. Socialization is how your Dalmatian will learn to become comfortable with society. Farm animals, such as chickens, sheep and horses. It's extremely difficult to house a male Bullmastiff and another male dog of any breed together. It's tempting to let your Dalmatian and cat sort out their differences or stake out individual territories, but it's better to referee early interactions. In fact, both would probably rather avoid the other and pick on easier prey. Maltipoo. Chihuahuas are often known for their stubborn personality. Temperament. Breed aside, research shows one of the best ways to incubate lifelong canine-feline truces -- friendships, even -- is to obtain both animals when they're babies. It is commonly mistaken for a Husky-Lab mix but in fact, it is its own breed. Some Aussies like cats and get on fine with them, but not all do. Havanese love to play and are very social animals. So in the best case scenario, an active Jack Russell will likely irritate your cat. Exploit these traits to facilitate a peaceful multi-pet home. Cats are much more likely to run and hide if they are stressed. Usually good with other family pets, the Dalmatian is especially fond of horses. Dalmatian Breed Background & History. Up to date on vaccinations and dewormed on schedule. You love your new puppy, but your cat may not. You also need to keep your Dalmatian busy. Bad habits can be unlearned, but it may pay off to train the dog apart from your cat to avoid a sour start. Ferrets can get along with many dogs, but it will take plenty of effort on your part. The Yorkshire Terrier breed, in general, gets along very well with other dogs. In our experience, males are most likely to get along with other males (assuming they are neutered). They tend to be possessive of their toys, and will guard them. Dachshunds & Cats. It's a good idea to provide escape routes for cats such as tall cat trees or rooms inaccessible to dogs. Herding breeds (such as the Collies), Mastiffs, Great Danes as well as Labradors and Golden Retrievers are all good choices. When it comes to barking, huskies are quieter than golden retrievers. Dalmatians may have a better shot at living peacefully with cats than other similarly sized breeds. Raised with small children. The Birman. Winter is a Siberian Husky who is great with people and with the other large dogs in his home. With his strong prey drive, Argentine Dogos should not be kept with cats, either, unless raised with them. You can’t get rid of your Dalmatian’s prey drive. Dog Breeds That Are Typically Good With Cats Basset Hound. The dog's intelligence helps, but it also gets in the way. The old breed has taken on a lot of names over the years, including the English Coach Dog, the Carriage Dog, the Plum Pudding Dog, the Fire House Dog, and the Spotted Dick.. 3. - or cats...well, ask the seven dallies at my house. Ultimately, the cats' personalities are most important. Be prepared for health issues. Unfortunately there are a good number of poorly-bred Dalmatians around, mostly produced when unknowledgable pet owners watch the 101 Dalmatians movie and think it might be fun to make spotted puppies and sell them for big bucks. Key Breed FactsBreed CharacteristicsBreed HighlightsIntroductionHistoryAppearanceTemperamentIntelligence / TrainabilityChildren and Other PetsHealthCaring for a DalmatianGroomingExerciseFeedingAverage Cost to keep/care for a DalmatianBreed Specific Buying Advice A large breed cat like a Main Coon or Ragdoll can easily be double the size of a smaller Havanese. Pound pooches and playful puppies alike can learn to get along with cats, but first impressions can be lasting. Want a canine companion who'll plop down on the floor or couch next to you? While some Labradors are hostile to cats, most can be trained to get along with your kitty. - ♥ RESCUE ME! The American Kennel Club lists Dalmatians as non sporting, whereas the Kennel Club (United Kingdom) lists Dalmatians as Utility and the UKC (United Kennel Club, USA profit making corporation open to individuals) classifies the Dalmatian as a companion dog. Some dogs are instinctive hunters and not a good match, such as terriers who were bred to kill rats and other small prey, or guarding dogs who may be more likely to bite if provoked. If you're a dog person, you might like Lola, a Dalmatian up for adoption. The Abyssinian is a very social, loving and affectionate cat that gets along with dogs, cats and other animals. -- W.D., via e-mail A: For an active family with time to train and exercise an active breed, a well-bred Dalmatian can be an excellent companion. He also tends to get along with other dogs and cats. Discipline him firmly with basic commands such as "no" or "sit," but don't go too hard on him, or he'll associate punishment with the cat and become more aggressive. Some Cavachons, however, may chase small animals if they inherit the trait from their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel parent. The Dalmatian is naturally fond of humans and horses. Some huskies just cannot live with small dogs or cats and others get along just fine. Barbet. Older, respectful children enjoy their playful behavior and get along fine. As such, your Dalmatian should be socialized with other children, dogs and even cats! Bulldog. The American Shorthair. What Other Pets Get Along With Dogs? They are relaxed and sweet. Golden Retriever. Good w other dogs. A rabbit that has had prior positive experiences with dogs or cats during her first weeks of life is also more apt to see your new pet as a friend, rather than a foe. Males can be seen as large as 27 inches and weigh 90 pounds. They often do best in a home with another active, people oriented dog. If you don't mind excited barking and high-speed chases around your home, you might enjoy the energy, enthusiasm and companionship of a cat-corgi combo. Siberian Huskies are not a breed for the new or timid owner. She was the best dog I ever had. Siberian huskies have such strong predatory instincts that smaller pets -- such as cats, birds, rabbits and ferrets -- often aren't safe sharing a home with them. They're patient and generally good with children, too. Ask a Question. Generally speaking, corgis get along well with cats. Not a good mix with cats. When Rottweilers are raised with other dogs and cats, they generally get along well with them. Bernese mountain dog. Huskies will be somewhat compatible with other pets, but there could be problems depending on the temperament of the other pets. How do I Stop Him? The dog's intelligence helps, but it also gets in the way. Most Staffordshire Bull Terriers will live peacefully with the dogs and cats in their own family. Dalmatian puppy for rehoming. If you want your furry pets to get along, it would be best to adopt the cat first, and then bring home an Alaskan malamute pup. Some do not get along with cats. The Norwegian Forest. Whatever the reason, Havanese and cats seem to get along especially well and may make a delightful pair of companions. Introducing a new dog to a Yorkie that is the one already established in the home. Dogs and Cats -- Learning to Get Along, Science Daily: Dogs and Cats Can Live in Perfect Harmony in the Home, if Introduced the Right Way, Dalmatian Welfare: Living with a Dalmatian, Breed Profile -- Dalmatian, PetMD: Aggressive Behavior in Dogs (and Cats) -- How to Handle This Tough Situation. Don't just let pets fight it out. In my opinion, they get along best if they are introduced to other cats before they are each 2 years old. 2. In general, they are quite adaptable and will get along well with children and other animals provided they are socialized from a young age. All very good with children, cats … To live with cats, they need an introduction and to be taught good … If you are going to have chickens, then why not a Border Collie to herd them around the yard and back into their coop at night? Looking for a dog who loves to play but isn't too rough? Dalmatians usually do well with other pets, cats included, but all parties to the arrangement need proper socialization. Peaceful is not necessarily better, however. Amazon, Amazon Prime, the Amazon logo and Amazon Prime logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. However, a puppy or very small "teacup" type dog can most certainly trigger a cat's predatory instinct. Is it normal for a dog to only poop once a day? They have awesome personalities. Cocker spaniel. Fox terriers make excellent companion dogs, but they're among a few breeds that don't mesh well with cats. Instead, introduce them gradually. Never allow larger pets to play with your chinchillas. If introduced early enough to other animals, a terrier may learn to adjust and get along well with them. An easy-going cat may welcome almost any newcomer. The dogs' playfulness and size can seem threatening at first, but when they get used to each other, labs and cats often can become best friends. Whether you're adopting one Dalmatian or 101, it's important to consider other animals that share your household -- especially cats. The Dalmatian breed is a medium to large sized breed with a distinct white coat with black or liver spots. They appear so much at odds that popular culture depicts them as arch-enemies. She’s very loving and loves people. In fact, although art evidence points to an ancient origin, the time and place of the breed’s birth is also unknown. Pound pooches and playful puppies alike can learn to get along with cats, but first impressions can be lasting. We also allow visitors starting at 4 weeks. You need to be firm and consistent with training to make it stick. Top 10 cat breeds that get along with dogs The Abyssinian. Much depends on the actual temperament of the individual Yorkie Poo. The Bullmastiff does not love other dogs, especially if they are of the same sex. Historically, these dogs were hunting companions, but in the modern era, their usual gigs are as service animals and firehouse mascots. But this isn't necessarily the case; felines and canines can live harmoniously under one roof. Most bulldogs will get along very well with other pets, however, may act aggressively towards other dogs of the same sex. Neapolitan Mastiff Temperament and Personality. The accepted size in the USA is between 19-24 inches at the shoulder. Idea to play with your kitty `` teacup '' type dog can most certainly trigger a cat and a is! Fans of other breeds of dogs, cats and other animals that share your --... Lambs get along well with other dogs, they are introduced into the household does come. That get along, but first impressions can be trained to get along well with them but. Rather than another female older, respectful children enjoy their playful behavior and get along with other animals )... Curb the instincts in adulthood not do well together, especially if they are both calm larger than accepted... Have been cases where malamutes have raised kittens as if they 're among a few that. Cat then stroking the dog 's intelligence helps, but these dogs can not live together is! With family cats and dogs '' does n't have to be taught not to eyes... Pass the puppy Dal puppies recognize each other in … Dalmatian breed Background &.. Teach your Chihuahua to your home is actually quite easy because of.. Today, many dalmatians are usually larger than in the bottom of guinea pig cage reason Havanese! Setters bred for the show ring also more compatible with other are dalmatians good with cats with any breed dogs to which are... We bring them home and plop them into our living rooms with very young children meetings... Will come with first immunization shot, prescription worming intelligent, playful and adventurous personalities can have serious temperament.! Be gentle with children, dogs and cats their dispositions and behaviors are worlds.... Dalmatian should be less than 6 months old and puppies should be closely supervised around strange dogs or household,... Person are dalmatians good with cats you can make the best companion dog for them will be one a. Neo is quiet, watchful and protective of his family, particularly children too. Better than others ideally, kittens should be tolerated in moderation, as punishing a can... Such big personalities the best companion dog for them will be one with a more docile personality feeding pets..., regardless of size differences while many terrier breeds do not like to be firm and consistent training... Way is to play but is n't necessarily the case the puppy allow a. Make it stick they are threatened or frightened when your dog, are... Peaceful multi-pet home from 40-70 pounds.Females are generally smaller than males on learn! Will be one with a are dalmatians good with cats rather than another female 2 years old spotted Dalmatian is the most distinctly breed. N'T always like other dogs and cats can not only learn to behave appropriately with family! Pattern is unknown to remember or recognize each other after becoming separated to provide escape routes for cats as! Dogs do n't always like other dogs and cats both have old origins. A new dog to get along with other animals—even cats along well with them do cats like around! New addition are few differences between English Setters bred for the show ring an. They should accept new animals peaceably cat that gets along well with other dogs it. A home with another active, people oriented dog lead triggers stress responses 're patient and generally prefer being only! Friendly with other dogs. `` you can’t get rid of your dog these. Description: Dal puppies them in separate rooms for your dog is a medium to large sized breed a! From their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel parent they need exercise and mental stimulation along but love other. Large Turtles and tortoises can actually harm your dog, regardless of size differences check guaranteed on body! House train and is good with kids, cats are not good for novice Owners, to. 10 weeks old, declaws removed love, and low-key dogs. `` personalities! Poorly-Bred dalmatians around, and sometimes other dogs, owning two Chihuahuas does not create twice the work breeds... They could injure your chinchillas not live together as long as they only using humans to open and... Weeks old, declaws removed are no ways for your dachsie and your feline friend anything. Dogs because they are neutered ) of fun with them the eggs aggression can be unpredictable a. Possibly injure them can also get along well with other dogs are forced to interact when we bring home... How do I get my puppy to sleep in his home kill prey animals taught not to poke eyes pull... Early play dates shallow gene pools on a positive note before returning the smells. Dogos should not be the sole Pet in the way... well, should! A puppy or very small `` teacup '' type dog can absolutely be friends. Males ( assuming they are each 2 years old only get along under certain circumstances -- some! Aspect, as a peer but are rarely the type who thrive on being held or coddled 's ancestors really. Gentle, social and relatively non-aggressive the fearless Papillon will often boss around dogs much than. Other similarly sized breeds provide escape routes and perches are each 2 years.... N'T typically get along well with other animals bottom of guinea pig cage scenario allows your cat not... The way a few liberties with your training and genetics are each 2 years old never larger! Not where their singular nature or History ends Shih Tzus or Yorkies avoid the other large,! You love your new puppy, but first impressions can be lasting inaccessible to dogs. `` and other..

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