As there isn't a single direction on the package, I hope you will allow me to share my own techniques. Testing of several different mixtures followed, until she found the correct formulae to suit her way of working. They can be stored, and later softened up by laying them out on a damp cloth. See this post for paper clay tips to extend the shelf life of paper clay! I do hope you’ll enjoy this technique. xox. This is crucial to paper clay sculpting! Absolutely, Julie. Embossed Paper Clay is one of my go-to ingredients for surfaces that are richly detailed, but a breeze to create! So.. while I am practicing I will give the dryer lint a try. Liquified clay (slip) was colored and painted on the pottery before burnishing to create decorative patterns. The Secrets of Sculpting with Creative Paperclay: Tools and Essential Techniques II. Well, Hello! With paper clay, it’s not an issue. The proportion of clay slip to paper pulp varies, but a typical sample would be 4:1. Heather from Thicketworks, here to show you a wonderful way to add texture to your projects! Once the upper surface has dried, you can add even more pigments! Alcohol Inks are a wonderful way to tint the metal without interfering with the functioning of the hinges. Apply a light dusting of Cornstarch onto the Paper Clay. Discover an entirely fresh and fun approach for creating fine art with paper clay, developed by artist and teacher … “They give me a range of possibilities for working freely with my sculptures.”. You do me too much honor, my wonderful friend…and I love you for it! I have used the newspaper only and don’t like the fiberous way it works.. Will keep trying. This is a lovely bas relief technique to work with, and it's worth investing in some high quality paints and the best paper clay - as recommended. • 12 types of clay and alternatives (including resin clay, paper mache, plaster, fiber paste and Critter Clay, powdered clay and more) plus recipes for six make-at-home clay mediums • More than 130 techniques, more than 40 tips and countless project ideas Wrap the Embossed Paper Clay Strip around the sides, and trim to fit. no matter how I try I alway end up with a hairline crack around the edges of the paper clay repair. Have fun! There are different ways to work with paper mache! Takes one to know one, my darling friend. Place the Paper Clay onto the surface of the Embossing Folder. Because underglaze has a high clay content, it can be burnished to a high smooth polish. Consistency like an ice cream malt? xox, OMG—what a gorgeous project–can`t wait to try it- -tomorrow. This video, and website, by Graham Hay, should help address questions about paper clay. Never enough hours in the day, are there, my friend! Now how can I complete my Mixed Media project when you keep posting these wonderful ideas for me to start working on? I hope you enjoy it as much as I do…so much complex texture for such a small investment of time and energy – a lazy girl like me really appreciates how easy this is! Here you can see the difference on these 2 sculpts. She also shares how Barbro Aberg makes her paper clay sculpture. Your technique is just amazing! There are some issues to be aware of: The shelf life of homemade paper clay is about two weeks, so it needs to be used up quickly; if kept for longer, the organic cellulose starts to break down and decay (Kathleen discusses the health issues around this in Chapter 3  of Additions to Clay Bodies). And I’m of the belief that we are here to inspire each other, in whatever way comes most naturally…you inspire me, and I’m so happy to return the favor. Wow, what a wonderful project. This post from the archives further explains how to make paper clay. Larger pieces can take 6-7 weeks to finish. Working Surface - Place plastic wrap (pieces cut from trash bags work well) over your work surface to prevent sticking. xox, Thank you a millions times over for this tutorial! From shop MixedMediaWorkshop. These watery tints will penetrate the surface of the Paper Clay, without creating a ‘skin’ of paint that might obscure the texture. Ceramicists generally have a favorite paper they use, such as newspaper, egg cartons or toilet paper. Use a dampened cloth to firmly wipe away any adhesive that has transferred to the bare metal. Probably this is the first you've ever seen tissue paper clay recipe without PVA glue and without joint compound :) I've been searching google to make paper clay and found that most of good recipe has joint compound in it. Apply Aleene’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue to the bottom of your chosen bezels: Smooth the adhesive with a dampened flat bristle brush: Cut the scraps of Embossed Paper Clay to fit within the bezels…then firmly press them against the adhesive coated base. Hello, Daphne! This can work both wet and dry. Then add touches of Inka Gold: Old Gold to the uppermost surface of the Embossed Paper Clay Panel with your fingertips. Glad you like this one – hope it’s useful! Paper clay helps reduce shrinkage in the drying stage and strengthen joints, allowing wet and dry pieces to be joined. Could you seal this with something else, like a satin varnish? When paper clay decays, the tubular structure of the cellulose fibers breaks down and the paper clay loses the properties associated with it; toilet paper is more prone to rapid decay because of a corn-starch coating on the cellulose fibers. Use a Heat Tool to create an ‘almost dry’ surface on the Embossed Panel. It will be sticky! xox, What a great idea! Rupa! From the description, it might be an interesting (and free) material. No you cannot use the lint from your dryer as it has other components than cotton, depending on the clothes you wear. Clay adheres to most surfaces with a dab or two of glue. Use a wet fingertip to smooth rough edges while clay is still wet. Barbro Aberg’s large-scale paper clay sculptures are not easily categorized. Displaying products 1 - 4 of 4 results: Show: Sort: Axner EM-750 Wade's Low White Paper Clay (sold per lb.) Did your MM course 1 & loved it, Hi Meg! FIGURATIVE SCULPTURE IN PAPER CLAY by Valarie G. Lyle August 2001 A THESIS PRESENTED TO THE FACULTY OF THE DEPARTMENT OF ART AND DESIGN EAST TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF FINE ARTS Ralph Slatton, Chair Dr. James C. Mills Don Davis Keywords: Paper clay… Craft Tips for Creating with Paperclay® Products. Christi Friesen, the always entertaining polymer clay guru, explains basic tips and tools for using polymer clay. Covering the entire sides of the bottom wouldn’t allow you to close the lid I presume? I’m definitely going to try it. Paper mache is AWESOME! She exhibits her ceramics in galleries and events throughout Europe and the US. If you’d like to add a quick ‘n easy layer of texture to your project, you’ll need a few simple supplies! Apply an even layer of Aleene’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue onto the surface: Firmly press the still damp Embossed Paper Clay Panel against the adhesive. You have no idea how many of us have learned so much from you and expanded our skills in so many ways. Touches of Peeled Paint Distress Oxide add to the richness of the resulting finish. Begin by applying the lighter tint over the entire surface of the Embossed Panel. February 22, 2016. Condition your Paper Clay by kneading it with your hands until it becomes smooth and easy to work. I know you’ll make magic, my friend. This "capillary system" also transfers moisture easily and evenly throughout the clay. Grind up some egg carton, torn into pieces to fit into the food processor, with enough water to make a slurry – not too runny, but not so thick that the machine is working too hard. . Kathleen Standen, your sculptures are very beautiful, thank you for sharing your experience. I also like this way because you can color the clay before you sculpt. Yippeee! 1. It’s finally here! I will be giving this a go soon! The clay wall can be thinner as the paper fibres form a strong bond resulting in a high … Flatten the clay with your hands. Our first online crafting eCourse! In today’s post, an excerpt from Additions to Clay Bodies, Kathleen Standen explains the ins and outs of working with paper clay. To prepare the paper clay for handbuilding, pour the slip onto dry plaster bats and spread it around with a rubber rib until it’s a half inch thick. 5 out of 5 stars (30) 30 reviews $ 23.00. Note: we will be working with the Paper Clay while it is still damp – the goal is to create a kind of ‘crust’ on the embossed surface before proceeding. Woo hoo! Use an acrylic brayer to firmly roll the Paper Clay onto the surface of the Embossed Design. I just cut a strip for the edge of the lid, and a panel that fit over the bottom. Ceramicists generally have a favorite paper they use, such as newspaper, egg cartons or toilet paper. Free Craft Projects added! Flatten the clay with your hands. xox, ErrrrT! Also, I see that you covered the top cover and the sides of the bottom with the clay. Dab a pleasing pattern of the darker Distress Stain right over the first layer, then dry the surface with a Heat Tool. You can cut this clay while still wet or when it has dried. Apply a light dusting of … Amazing lady. PREPARATION: A sheet of paper for your work surface, a small amount of water, porous Styrofoam shapes (not smooth), toothpicks, pipe cleaner stems, craft wire cutter. I’ve been meaning to try this sort of thing for a while and now, with step-by-step instructions, I have the courage to do so. This can be purchased in sheets as cotton linter.” I’m curious – has anyone tried dryer lint as an additive? Her technique involves adding a certain amount of paper pulp to the ceramic mixture, which offers extra stability. Learn More About Paper Clay Techniques: Read how you can achieve success with the paper clay techniques listed above in the following book: Products In This Category. This conversation may have expired, but I learned a good trick while working with a family of potters living near Cuernavaca, Morelos, MX. It’s one of my favorites…xox. Making your own paper clay is economical and versatile, as any clay body can be used. Adding paper pulp and other fibers to your clay body can make things you never thought possible with clay totally doable. It is such a wonderful and tactile art material to use with kids and one of my favouriet paper crafts ever. They use cat tail fibers, thoroughly loosened, mixing them into wet clay (by foot). A fluffy brush is a good choice for this step. As a Swede living in Denmark, combined with a five-year stint in the US, she has developed her own distinctive style. Thank you!!! Next, cut strips of the Embossed Paper Clay sized to fit the sides of your project: Apply an even layer of Aleene’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue to the sides of the tin…. Yay! Jul 9, 2017 - A collection of the best paper clay sculpture out here on the net. xox. Also known as fuwa fuwa, Japanese paper clay combines the use of paper and clay to create a light and fluffy craft medium. We’re glad you like it – thank you for your kind words – Karen will be pleased (I think that’s who you mean: The Graphics Fairy) xox, Hello, gorgeous technique, my question is I can use it on leathers, thanks, Hello Carmen – Thank you, my friend. Note: it can be easier to work with the bezels while they remain attached to the packaging. Adding materials to your clay can change the look of your surfaces and produce a wide variety of textures and shapes. It will remain ‘milky’ for several days – but not to worry – the haze will dissipate, and they will cure to a crystal clear finish! Come on now girlfriend , You crack me up, Linda! “An excellent alternative to paper pulp is the addition of cotton fibers. If you’ve always wanted to try the art of Mixed Media, be sure and check out this amazing course by Heather Tracy! Hello, my wonderful Graphics Fairy Friends! The paper fibers create a strong structure within the clay. Yay! Place the Paper Clay onto the surface of the Embossing Folder. Happy New Year and thanks again. She was introduced to additions early on: to perlite by US artist Bob Shay and paper clay by Rosette Gault. The clay slip and paper pulp are mixed thoroughly together, with the best results achieved using a blender or electric mixer. Thanks! Favorite Add to Art Clay Copper - 50 gm ArtClayWorldUSA. Note: we are STILL working with the Paper Clay while it has not fully dried – and that’s okay! Paper clay can be made with a variety of different clays, including terracotta, porcelain, earthenware, and stoneware. I hope that you have found this Outlaw Technique useful – it can be applied to many different surfaces – working with the Embossed Paper Clay while it is still damp gives you endless flexibility of design! Thank you, thank you, thank you to the queen of techniques!! Condition your Paper Clay by kneading it with your hands until it becomes smooth and easy to work. Thank you for being so kind, my friend. This time, I’ve selected Distress Oxide in Broken China to add that powdery blue tint that we often see on actual Verdigris details. Oh, I meant to ask if we could just covered the non-clay covered tin parts with alcohol inks? This will make it easier to add details and don't have to worry about having a uneven coat of paint over your project. 1- Yes! I meant to say dry lint Does NOT work well in paper making, for the reasons stated. The proportion of clay slip to paper pulp varies, but a typical sample would be 4:1. An excellent alternative to paper pulp is the addition of cotton fibers. It looks great and you have explained it so clearly. Here’s a close up of the resulting Embossed Paper Clay Panel: Now, make sure that the Embossed Paper Clay Panel will comfortably fit on your chosen item.

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